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  Oh my - that's HUGE. Thanks for the clarification. What poor programming that does not wait for end-to-end verification of electronic transactions. Hopefully ApplePay will just do card-to-card transfers that are backed by the card companies and properly confirmed.
I may be missing something here but these money transfer services are as safe as cash. They offer to transfer money from your account to someone else's. No representation is made that the other person will deliver value for that money. It's like someone in the street asking for $10 and saying they will bring you your concert tickets later. You hand over your $10 and the person goes away. They'll be back, right?   The only advantage to cash is that you can demand the...
 My understanding is that they keep some of the shares to meet options obligations (promises to employees etc) and the rest they retire. Easy enough to check. See: https://ycharts.com/companies/AAPL/shares_outstandingcompare to google: https://ycharts.com/companies/GOOG/shares_outstanding Must buy more popcorn.
Nope. It's back again today. Nag, nag, nag. Only way I know to stop it is to update. If this happens to others, small wonder they upgrade in such large numbers.
Oddly today is the first day that I've not seen a pop up dialog box giving me 3 choices "upgrade", "later", and "learn more". I usually pick later (which probably just schedules the next day's reminder). Yesterday out of desperation, I picked "learn more" (even though I don't really want to learn about the upgrade). It flipped to Safari which I simply home-buttoned out of. Looks like I was complicit in the annoyance and hopefully the cycle has been broken now.Used to be we...
What I find more impressive is that 1 in 3 device owners are willing to say "no" to the daily upgrade nag that the operating system presents.
Try looking at it slightly differently... Since each Apple Watch requires a recent iPhone, it provides an incentive for iPhone 4 and some iPhone 5 users to upgrade so they can get one! It also provides an incentive for Android sufferers to upgrade to an iPhone so they can get this nice new cool watch (have you seen the recent switcher stats?). Apple Watch is an iPhone support product. Seen in that light, it is already a success.
Perhaps Apple can buy its own sovereign island, move its headquarters there, and pay itself taxes every year. I'm sure that creates enough tax exceptions, import/export deal opportunities, currency hedges etc. to keep the rest of the world tied up and stumbling for the rest of the century.
Thank you for the clarification. I'm not sure it helps though as all I was commenting on was ApplePay transactions which (according to this article) all require verification with transactions over £30. Is the article incorrect on this detail?
I don't think they require a signature - the banks do however.Transactions over $20 in the U.S., now £30 in the UK. Perhaps the banks don't quite trust the tech yet. Hopefully it won't be hacked and that stance will change.Aside: I do wish Apple/banks would give away the readers to retailers in the U.S. where High Street availability is still almost non existent.
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