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Perhaps Apple can buy its own sovereign island, move its headquarters there, and pay itself taxes every year. I'm sure that creates enough tax exceptions, import/export deal opportunities, currency hedges etc. to keep the rest of the world tied up and stumbling for the rest of the century.
Thank you for the clarification. I'm not sure it helps though as all I was commenting on was ApplePay transactions which (according to this article) all require verification with transactions over £30. Is the article incorrect on this detail?
I don't think they require a signature - the banks do however.Transactions over $20 in the U.S., now £30 in the UK. Perhaps the banks don't quite trust the tech yet. Hopefully it won't be hacked and that stance will change.Aside: I do wish Apple/banks would give away the readers to retailers in the U.S. where High Street availability is still almost non existent.
I don't get it. Either ApplePay is more secure than a credit card (tokenized, fingerprint, spoofless) or it is not. If it is more secure than a credit card why does it make sense to require a signature (that cannot be verified at point of sale) at all? If it is not more secure than a credit card why does it require a signature (that cannot be verified at point of sale) at all? See the difference? Neither do I. What is the utility of requiring a signature? Why have all...
Well, at least a hip-hop replacement.
I don't get it either. I think it started when Apple was perceived as expensive and catering to an elite back in the original Mac days. The subsequent rise of the PC with its "for the masses" positioning was an almost Robin Hood phenomenon. The perception that viruses were inevitable and the lack of need for serious tech-support in the Mac "it just works" era, plus the Mac platform being simultaneously viewed as a toy yet not being targeted by developers as a gaming...
When I asked my local diner owner (Brooklyn, NY) why he did not have Apple-Pay, he replied it would cost him $1000 to get a reader. He currently has a phone-connected swipe terminal. Regardless of how accurate the owner's statement was, Apple need to give these terminals away, then watch (pun intended) the technology take off.
That approach from Rdio will likely work just about as well as it did for Apple in the 1980s.   IIRC, that was just before the IBM PC and Microsoft grabbed 90+% of the desktop market.
I have recently spent several weeks in the UK and was amazed at how many merchants have the RFID equipment that just works™ with Apply-pay. Hospital cafeteria,, restaurants, gas stations, general stores. The worst problem I had there was a merchant who wanted to charge 50p extra for a credit-card based transaction (at least he was not singling out RFID for this treatment). Invariably in the USA merchants are not equipped to deal with "contactless" pay. I usually ask if...
We already have streaming video apps that take control of your iOS device that force the user to watch sponsored content before playing the chosen video. We put up with those useless click-through screens that few people read, before getting into our applications, or indeed, before even being allowed to use our phones. Fingerprinting is mandatoryl before being able to use Apple-Pay. What about the notion that it may be dangerous to use certain health related apps that...
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