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Yes, *that reddit*. The headline makes it sound as if reddit was complicit in hosting C&C for a botnet.   Remember the old bulletin-boards where anyone could put up a post in a section. This is similar. Some nasty perps posted some encrypted messages to a subgroup (or subreddit). The messages, when decoded were real-time instructions for the botnet.   Implying that reddit was responsible for the botnet is like implying Google is responsible for the celebrity pictures...
I'm sure, once the "Right Incentive" is applied, Apple will drag the retail industry into the **20th** century. Just like they did with the music and mobile phone industries. Right Incentive? Money and convenience driving customers to locations where the phone is an accepted payment mechanism. Credit Card companies could lower the vendor cost per transaction for zero-fraud-risk transactions. I've no doubt they'll think of something appropriate.
I was asked by a tech-savvy friend of mine what I thought about the stories of "bent iPhones" and how I thought this would hurt Apple sales. My response was to ask, given the 10,000,000 sales of iPhone 6 phones in just the first weekend (which was probably more like 20M by the time we were speaking), how many phones he thought had been returned to Apple for being bent. He thought for a bit and replied that, since I was asking, he had better respond with a number that was...
I look after over 100 macs for various friends, family and acquaintances. The list of Macs I help with has been growing ever since the old Mac "demo days" late last century. I have four macs that exhibited the described hardware problems. I have fixed two and am about to embark on the third fix. While this may not work for everyone there does seem to be a general class of problem that is present. Here's my analysis. The root cause of the problems I'm seeing appears to be...
So now what we need is a USB device with non-writeable firmware (in ROM) that, when plugged in, will turn on a big red LED if something attempts to rewrite its firmware. Instant malware-spread detector. Other versions could, hopefully, reinject proper computer firmware or even inject a vulnerability patcher when one becomes available. Looks like a whole new class of device waiting to be born. I wonder if Thunderbolt has a similar level of access to its bus. I guess it...
All the more reason to overturn the whole decision on appeal. This is the judge who said there were unusual mitigating circumstances but would not let those moderate her verdict because, well, (and I paraphrase) not willing to suggest existing law needs to be further qualified. She is certainly turning the screws here.
How about something simple like using the home-button light when a touch-id input is expected?
How about a compromise. Put **both** CPUs in a Mac. Allow per-process choice of which CPU is applied. No cut-over issues. No Bootcamp issues. Just a nano-kernel for device contention and a boat-load of RAM. Multi-core, Multi-CPU next gen ARM OSX *and* Windoze compatibility.
 Sorry, but when Apple get into the clothing industry it'll be one button or fewer. Third parties will produce multi-button ad-ons with varying degrees of success.
Perhaps Samsung will fix this by copying Apple and release some rounded screen phones :-)
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