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Interesting article. I too did not know how prominent Sun was in the mobile field. I cannot wait to see what Tizen does to Google's advertising revenue base. If Google does not diversify its income to be less dependent on Android deployment, its commercial viability and perceived potential for growth will collapse. I'd like to see the figures for where that tipping point is and whether a non-Google-Ad tied Tizen would be enough to reach it. My concern is that without...
On a related note, would somebody please enlighten me as I am genuinely interested in the following...   A number of times now, when I have described to friends how I prefer iOS over Android for its ecosystem, consistency across apps, ease of use, speed, etc., I have had Consumer Reports thrown in my face (as if that's the last (and only) word on the subject).   Was it ever shown that Consumer Reports was, in some way, influenced by the "Android Lobby"?   I do so...
No biggie. Just ask the NSA for a copy of your deleted mail!
This could be very useful to those AT&T customers who notice that, despite having a wireless intranet, their phones use cellular cloud services (of some kind) during some nightly activity. Seems to be a problem that when the phone is asleep and it performs some background synch operation, it defaults back to cell for the duration of the operation. This can be quite significant for AT&T users who are on the minimum data plan if Apple can identify and "sponsor" this...
Don't hold your breath.
Is Apple running 2 code bases for this app, one for iPhone and the other for iPad? I cannot find "visualizer" or "up next" controls on the iPad (they are available on the iPhone). It is unusual to find an iPad app with less functionality than the equivalent iPhone app. Nice to be able to control iTunes Radio though. (Aside: Safari on my first-gen retina iPad (iOS 7.0.4) crashed 4 times while I was typing this. AppleInsider, care to streamline your code - I don't expect...
"...taps the built-in ambient light sensor in MacBook Pros and iMacs to enhance user presence detection, allowing for gains in battery life and power savings." How exactly does a mechanism that *prevents* system sleep result in battery life gains and power saving. Sorry, I'm just not following the logic here.
Go home Dad, you're drunk!
"Shipments" or "Sales"? I thought Apple only reported actual sales which is a much more important metric than units shipped.
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