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"...taps the built-in ambient light sensor in MacBook Pros and iMacs to enhance user presence detection, allowing for gains in battery life and power savings." How exactly does a mechanism that *prevents* system sleep result in battery life gains and power saving. Sorry, I'm just not following the logic here.
Go home Dad, you're drunk!
"Shipments" or "Sales"? I thought Apple only reported actual sales which is a much more important metric than units shipped.
It's not the fact that the devices are no longer made that is important here. It's the fact that the F and R in FRAND stand for Fair and Reasonable. If you want your patents to be included in a standard (effectively forcing everyone to use them), you must not be able to ban their use in an arbitrary and self serving manner. This is a strategy too often executed and it must be stopped. Industry-wide acceptance as a standard should entail industry-wide publication and...
My 19 month old son disagrees. He picked up the iPhone interface concepts 2 months ago (I have the videos). He had the basic concepts down almost immediately. Home-button start and safety escape. Swipe to activate (he loves that). His favorite Sesame Street videos a couple of easy taps away, behind icons he easily recognizes. He *loves* CoverFlow, and the change of function that comes with an orientation switch. His favorite music appears to be Coldplay - he's been playing...
Considering the effect that new iPhone expectation has on existing iPhone version sales. If the competition wanted to hurt Apple's December (holiday) iPhone sales, this is exactly the kind of rumor that would do it. If this rumor gains any kind of credibility, Apple will be forced to issue a firm denial or face suppressed iPhone 5 sales in their most important quarter. What a nasty rumor this could turn out to be.
I still have an old Apple grey-level screen (hiding in the basement). Used to connect it to my old MacII SI. The screen had two orientations landscape and portrait. Flip the screen and the image flipped to maintain the correct horizon. Was one of the first whole-page screens I ever used. That has to be close to 20 years ago. I wonder why the judge rejected the "prior art".
    It is difficult to tell who are the shills on the internet. It is certainly possible for a person to be paid or sponsored to blog about certain subjects and still publish the facts. Expert witnesses (who are paid, BTW) in court cases are expected to do just this. I have found Mueller's blogs to be interesting, well written and substantiated. He has not failed a single crosscheck test that I have performed on his patent reporting to date.   If you have found otherwise,...
I live in Brooklyn, NY and the result I get (the same as in the above picture) on iOS 6 is also in Brooklyn. This looks to me like a correct search result. I will try the same search tonight when I am in Manhattan and see if Apple is taking my current location for clues to how to complete the incomplete search request used as the test. When I use a complete search request: 315 e 15th st manhattan ny I get the same result as the Razr I seem to recall in the early days...
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