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Apple should buy Nokia. That would give Micro$oft pause for thought. Then if all those analysts are correct Apple can manufacture both iOS devices and the "larger selling" Windoze phone and corner the device market again in a year or so. Apple could then offer Nokia phones with a choice of iOS or Windoze. I bet Nokia's patent portfolio would be an interesting aquisition (or is it already gutted). Besides, it's only fair. Apple can help Micro$oft out in its declining...
Per month, perhaps?
Devices you can strap on your wrist/arm or leg (pilot board). Use it as a facemask for all-round augmented reality display. Get in your car, unwrap it slightly, mount it above your dash and it becomes the viewscreen/customizable HUD in your car. Could lead to a whole new type of device/experience.I, for one, welcome our new flexible overlords.
How does Samsung's answer differ from "does not directly compete because they run Android and not iOS"? Surely what is important is that they all compete in the space of tablets and that any diversion of customers caused by a look-alike product is injunction-worthy.
Have you considered a Mac running VMWare Fusion and the Windows (or Linux for that matter) OS of your choice, for those few programs that you must run that don't run on a Mac. That's what I do and there really is no speed penalty. Best of both worlds. PC programs running in there own environment on a Mac. I even taken a disk image of the local PC drive so, if I think I have a malware infection, I replace the suspect image from a known good backup. Takes minutes.
You do realize that we've done exactly that but with British citizens in the UK. Just a matter of declaring them terrorists and extraditing. Do we have extradition treaties with S. Korea?Better yet, let's extradite Samsung, after all, corporations are people, are they not?.
Very naive. More likely the money will go to pork belly projects that make some local politician seem better in the eyes of their lobbyists and sponsors. Taxation is not a zero-sum game. The more money put in, the more is spent. Remember when we had a surplus a few years ago. We did not pay down our debt, nor put in place a sensible strategy for helping out our educational system.First, fix government spending (and this is not a republican/democrat thing, it's a...
Interesting crosscheck...   If the 600,000 figure is accurate (and, as suggested by the originator's, has not diminished substantially) and 2.7% of machines are infected with "Flshplyr" then providing "Flshplyr" comprises the vast majority of current "Flashback" infections, there are currently 22.2 million active MacOS X machines out there.   Since the current number of active Macs is closer to 80 million (four times as many as would be derived from the given...
Yes, here I'll demonstrate:the wrong implicationNow can we please get back to speculating about what Liquidmetal may, or may not do given that all most of us actually know about it is that it is a mixture of metals, it makes a superb SIM removal tool, and will cause one to focus on a glass cylinder for 30% longer than most other metals tested so far.
Here's the soundtrack in Closed Caption form for you:Plink-------Plink-----PlinkPlink---Plink---Plink--PlinkPlink-Plink-Plink-Plink-PlinkYou did not miss much.Oh and I believe this means that when you drop your phone onto a glass surface it will have a 50% chance of bouncing back up so you can catch it.(I get all my best material from andyapple)
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