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Yup, looks like I'm completely off base there. What use is UDID to the FBI when they can get IMEI and ICCID codes from the service provider? How would they be expected to use the UDID to further their "investigations"?
Wouldn't the UDID be required to associate a cell-tower connection with a particular mobile device? If so, I'm pretty sure your cellphone service provider has this info and it can be obtained by the FBI directly from them. Hopefully with some kind of warrant, but nowadays (Patriot Act etc.) who knows? I doubt a phone hack is needed for this information to become available to the FBI should they want it for some reason.   I'd like to know if the numbers in the...
I was curious why there were no iPhones on display at my local AT&T store and was told they had been removed because they kept getting stolen. When I pointed out that the implication was that the phones actually on display were not worth stealing, the sales guy was not amused.
The poll results were even more skewed before they changed the winning answer from I don't need no steenkeen' LTE Apparently they wanted the result to be taken a little more seriously.
(with apologies to Mae West)... Only if new tech normally has that effect on you.
The jury is not on trial. Hanging them seems a bit extreme, don't you think?
Here's a completely off the wall idea:   Why not make the Apple Store a place that people can hang out in, kick the tires, explore the wonderful Apple technology all around them, chat with some knowledgeable people in Apple uniforms who are there to make people comfortable that Apple will always respond to their needs. Perhaps these employees can point interested visitors at some relevant demonstrations that are scheduled to take place soon. Heck, call me crazy, but...
Hindsight is a useful weapon in court. Unless, that is, the judge is not an idiot. Please bear in mind that Apple has not been allowed to discover a major portion of the supporting documentation that would deny Samsung their story. The lack of email server evidence is major. I wonder if the server backups were destroyed too. There are now two major points that Samsung is trying to make that could have been verified (or torn down) if email records were available. (1)...
Just an aspect that I've not seen in this thread. Given the contempt with which Samsung has been shown to treat the US court system and the antics they have already be caught at. What are the chances that the sales numbers they are releasing to the US courts are artificially low? I'm sure there are all kinds of ways Samsung could lose some significant fraction of their sales. After all, their internally calculated numbers have to be based on communication back from the...
I just visited my local AT&T store. They had about 20 phones on display. None of them were iPhones. I asked the guy behind the desk if he sold iPhones and he said that they did. I said I was puzzled that there were no iPhones on display and he replied that if they put iPhones on display, they get stolen. I responded that this implied the other phones were not worth stealing. He was not amused.
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