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The money that Apple makes goes towards making more stuff for us, the customer. That makes me happy. I've no problem with Apple making a bundle at the same time that they give me technology that makes my life simpler. The money that AT&T makes does nothing for me. They too slowly ramp their infrastructure, they charge way too much for the services they provide and all they do is look for more ways to squeeze money out of us customers while they complain about how much we...
  AT&T want more control over their revenue stream. They want to do away with subsidies, introduce more predatory pricing, remove customer (that's us) flexibility. The main obstacle in their way was Steve Jobs - personally. He was a champion for end-user comfort and usability. Not all altruistic but he moved a lot of revenue from the cell phone companies into the hands of the manufacturer (Apple). The growing (explosive) iPhone market share made AT&T a bundle of money and...
"Apple posts 4% gain" Did Apple actually post a gain or, as the article states, is this an estimate by Gartner? Surely if Apple posted a gain as the title states, it would not be an estimate, nor, by the way would it be until the end of this month. I guess "Gartner estimates Apple will post a 4% gain" does not work as well in the title.
Well it is called a table-t is it not?
Will it come with a spare to be quickly sub'd-in when it crashes during an important demo?
Don't worry. Apple Store will be using the extra shelf space to stock tinfoil helmets as of next week. Heralding a new line of products that cater to alternate customer segments. The Apple Store in Waco will be first to stock this new line of apparel along with metalic radio-wave screening paint that should further reduce the risk of tumors from a scientifically supported value of zero.http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Risk/cellphones
In support of Slurpy...   Please consider that a new product takes months (if not years) of planning. Cutting a product takes a short time but if there's no replacement in the pipeline, the decision to cut must be taken well in advance of the actual cut. It is likely that it was SJ's plan to cut both MacBook Pro 17" and Mac Pro. The fact that there is even talk now of a Mac Pro being released some time next year, I'm guessing, indicates that TC is reversing a SJ...
  You are absolutely correct. It would make no sense at all. But it would be nice to see Apple and Microsoft in a bidding war with Apple backing out, having bid the price up.
Apple should buy Nokia. That would give Micro$oft pause for thought. Then if all those analysts are correct Apple can manufacture both iOS devices and the "larger selling" Windoze phone and corner the device market again in a year or so. Apple could then offer Nokia phones with a choice of iOS or Windoze. I bet Nokia's patent portfolio would be an interesting aquisition (or is it already gutted). Besides, it's only fair. Apple can help Micro$oft out in its declining...
Per month, perhaps?
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