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Anyone else not impressed with A) the fact Apple is trying to use a "celebrity" to try and make the human connection and B) that Apple picked, considered by myself and some as, a non-celebrity who means nothing?
Black Carbon Fiber is my choice!
I use Belkin's lightning dock at home and work and it is down right awesome. But I would like to see Apple come up with a conductive recharging system similar to Mobee's magic mouse recharger, BUT include a spot for the Apple Watch on the same dock. No one wants a dock for each and every device.
Whoa....  easy there...  FULL BLOWN DESKTOP?  It's a 1.# M chip.  There is nothing DESKTOP about that processor.This laptop will most likely melt down if you try to do anything remotely more challenging than email, web and spreadsheets.
I'll gladly wait until next year when the Gen 1 Gold will be able to be had on eBay for around $500.
I got a hairline scratch on mine after 5 days of owning my day one iPhone 6. It is perfectly straight and perfectly vertical. Gets annoying when viewing white backgrounds as it appears as a rainbow line. All of my iPhones prior have had more abuse with no scratches.
4K is hardly available in any content right now especially on a physical format.
And nothing about Apple not taking their own gift cards on the iOS app.... THAT pissed me off. I had an Apple Gift card all set to make my purchase so that I wouldn't run into any credit card issues like what happened to others. So I go onto my app last night at 3:01am EST, get my order all set and when I go to check out, the only option to pay is credit card. So I go to the website store and sorry, it was down. By the time it came online at 5:00 it was already too late...
I just want to go back to bed!
I need to know about the iMac!!!!!
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