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And Square has that too...
 So the iPhones shouldn't be considered iPhones because they have had different screen ratios?I don't see aspect ratio bearing any weight on what Apple would do. If anything, Apple should make the entire iPad family 16:10/16:9 ratio to go along with everything else they make.  The iPads are actually the oddballs in the computing family.
It's time for the touch to shed its iPod name and become the iPad nano. It doesn't fit in as an iPod. Never did. Offer the iPad nano with the same cell chip as the iPads and call it a day. Kill the iPod nano and only offer the shuffle as the only iPod and be done with it.
Wow... ~10 comments about an upcoming Apple product release... What does that say about where the iPod ranks now in the family of products? LOL   BTW... 10am EST and the store is still up...
aw shucks
More like Snoozapalooza 2015... I haven't been this utterly bored by the lack of news coming out of Apple like ever... And that is going back almost 20 years.
What's funny is that I have gone to AT&T to see if switching to NEXT is actually cheaper for my family plan and they have repeatedly said to stay on the Grandfathered-In Unlimited plan due to the discount that I get from my employer. I would much rather buy my iPhone at the "subsidized" price than to pay a monthly fee to "rent" my iPhone... All this is is a grand leasing scheme like in the automobile world. You pay $XX per month for a phone that you do not own, until...
So in order to get an Apple Watch, you will pretty much have to order one before you go in for your appt... Meaning that if you order a 42mm, then go to your appt and realize you actually want the 38mm (or vice versa) you will have to cancel your previous order and reorder, hoping that there were anymore left to order from?
Anyone else not impressed with A) the fact Apple is trying to use a "celebrity" to try and make the human connection and B) that Apple picked, considered by myself and some as, a non-celebrity who means nothing?
Black Carbon Fiber is my choice!
New Posts  All Forums: