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I need to know about the iMac!!!!!
It's going to be late, it's going to be on time, it's going to be late, it's going to be on time.....
Not a surprise as Luxottica Group owns 99.9% of the glasses market. Saw a special on them on 60 minutes last year.  Kind of depressing the monopoly they have on the eye glasses market.  They own all of the main brands out there and price fix like crazy.
There are a lot of dumb people out there, especially the ones that wear tinfoil hats.
LeBron is a chump and a baby and a punk, who cares?
Sounds like the old iBook G3 issues back in the day...
Gag.... Seacrest go buy a blackberry if you want the keyboard... Dork...
Great concept but why do I get this feeling that evil people will store 8 different people's cards on one card and just go place to place swiping away. Saying that, I still want one!
Had a dream last night that they updated the Apple Store to show "Updated Internals" to the Mac Pro after the keynote and they were only 0.1GHz increases ONLY.
Funny... I just noticed last night that LTE popped up on my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 at my home in Schenectady and thought we were in a skip from Albany. I was googling all night to see if AT&T had released a press release and nothing... until NOW that is! About fricking time is all I have to say! Oh! and Facetime is active on Cell now too for me (grandfathered)!
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