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The base G5 ships with 256MB of RAM! Are they joking? Apple should cut the crap with default RAM and have the min be 1 GB. Period. These are PRO machines!
[quote]Originally posted by kwondo: The ones that the iPolice have been going after were people that downloaded in the excess of 5 GB in the sme day. This news story was in the NYC metro. [surprised]
Put it in perspective, 5 GB is a lot of downloading in one day. I wouldn't be surprised if you managed that everyday that ISPs wouldn't take notice.
[quote]Originally posted by Kenneth: Go try DVDBackup first. It can modify macrovision and DVD region code. Kenneth
Where can I download DVDBackup from?
Seriously, get what you feel the most comfortable with design wise. This is school and not the real world. You can use some funky CAD program and get away with it at school. PowerCADDand Vectorworks are good options. Just make sure that you won't be required to take specific classes that require software you can't run on your Mac. However, with VirtualPC...
How come no-one's mentioning Pamela! She's bustin out! [Laughing] [Laughing] [Laughing]
I haven't heard or read one good thing about SP3. I'm glad I didn't jump the gun and put it on the network. Woooooooooo!
I think her 15 minutes are being extended just a little too far.
Wooooooooooooooo! This should be interesting.
OLD: iTunes NEW: Stolen Music Player [Laughing]
[quote]Originally posted by CubeDude: I'll check those out. I'm not very far from the speakers, so that should be great.
I think if I was going to get some right now, these are what i'd buy. Sennheiser MX 400
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