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Kinda want to get rid of my 6 and get a 6S and say bye bye to my iPad mini.
I've noticed when I'm switching from an app such as Facebook back to built in Messages the keyboard doesn't automatically appear it takes a few seconds. It's just all blank white but still have the ability to type. Then it appears.
I thought this would be the time when they dropped the 16 and just started at 32.
Just FYI think there's a whole new Tiguan coming in 2017.
Perfect for when I get a Golf Sportwagon in a few years :)
A for effort....?!?
On the edge of my seat. Yahoo messenger? Talk about a throwback to the early 2000's for me. That would be like AOL having a press release for AIM. Btw is AIM still a thing?
I'm mad I have to pay sales tax on Amazon now. Stupid Ohio.
Oh wow there goes Samsung again trying to beat Apple to the punch. It will come out no one will care and a month or so later new iPhones come out. Apple, as always will get all the press and fanfare. Honest question. Do people even get excited about Samsung phones when they debut?
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