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I wonder if you pay through Passbook if something will pop up to tip? I definitely never tip at Starbucks, why would I? Like others have said do you tip at McDonalds or a Panera? No. They have health insurance for god sake and pay for it by increasing their coffee prices by .10 cents in the past. 
I don't know how people get along with 8GB, because technically after these software is on there what does it drop it down to, somewhere in the 6GB range? I know my 16GB iPhone is 13.3GB I believe. Never again getting a 16GB I find myself deleting stuff never had that problem when I had a 32GB. I wonder if Apple will start new iPhones at 32 and go up from there? 16GB though is sufficient for most people I guess.
  I don't understand it either, it would be nice to have the option to pick one you like. I would prefer to have a darker keyboard when inputing text. I also noticed when on a call the minute ticket is so small and left of center. What gives with that...?
I'm an Apple and VW fanboy so of course I would love VW/Audi to get on board. I can't speak of VW navigation since I don't understand why anyone would spend that much on a crappy nav. My Garmin and iPhone are plenty fine for gps. Lately I just use my phone and not my Garmin.
I noticed it and was like what is going on here....  It was kind of suspicious unless people were trying to out do one another on their "review"  I also noticed my game updated yesterday and I just downloaded the game for the first time on Thursday. I thought that was weird once I heard he was pulling the game. 
I'm still waiting for an SOS button or something on the lock screen for vital info during an emergency if you're unconscious from an accident. i.e. Phone numbers, allergies or current medication.... Seems like a no brainer.
Anytime I'm under 35% on my 4S there is a big possibility that it will just turn off especially when taking a picture or during FaceTime. It won't restart because it think it's dead so I have to plug it in to get it to restart. Been happening for months.
Maybe parents should learn how to use the setting that are already on the phone before handing over their devices to their 3 year olds.
I used to be a die hard mophie fan but my juice pack for my 4S was essentially bricked and not usable after installing iOS7. It's widely known problem for tons of people. Mophie has been no help in the issues either.
It's the little things for me that irk me. I just downloaded SidEffects yesterday to get rid of the monochrome icons when i click on my hard drive for Documents etc. Was driving me nuts. I came from Snow Leopard which still had the color icons. Also I thought maybe in this .1 update they would bring colored icons to Mail for Folders, Inbox, VIPS. OSX is so colorful I don't know what the deal is with monochrome icons. At least let it be an option...?
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