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So far I like my new AT4. I just tried to go into Netflix last night, what a disaster. I know it's not Apple but a Netflix issue, I can't see grid view of my queue just have to scroll left to right on over 100 things in my queue. Really disappointed in the Netflix app. Other than that I'm pretty happy. 
I gave my mom my iPad 2 when I got the mini when it came out. Finally the 2 got so slow she just upgraded to a mini 3. I still have the original mini but it's slow down quite a bit as well. Debating when I get my next phone, probably after a "7" comes out get a Plus model and not even have a mini anymore.
Mine automatically did it for my TV, however setting up with my iPhone bluetooth for wifi settings and Apple ID does not work even when I restarted my phone. The Apple TV never shows up under bluetooth
I was confused since I already had my Walgreens reward card in "Wallet" I went into the Walgreens app and there it was "Balance Rewards" followed the steps and added it. So instead of having them scan the "Balance Rewards" card that was in my "Wallet" I can now just hold my phone to the NFC terminal and voila...?
The lack of an HDMI cable is kinda strange but they include a lightning cable for the remote?! Which if you are buying an Apple TV I'm sure you have a few lying around, I have at least 4.
Kinda want to get rid of my 6 and get a 6S and say bye bye to my iPad mini.
I've noticed when I'm switching from an app such as Facebook back to built in Messages the keyboard doesn't automatically appear it takes a few seconds. It's just all blank white but still have the ability to type. Then it appears.
I thought this would be the time when they dropped the 16 and just started at 32.
Just FYI think there's a whole new Tiguan coming in 2017.
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