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I wanted to get an unlocked phone. Previously I purchased a 4S unlocked from "AT&T" Why is T-Mobile the only option now?
I don't know why Apple is omitting colored icons within iTunes for Music, Movies etc. OSX is so colorful and then they gray out the icons. Drives me insane. Just as they did in Finder... I don't get it.
I too just don't see the purpose of this. If I want to add money to my iTunes account I can just go into iTunes an buy it digitally and have it e-mailed to myself and then redeemed...
I totally agree. I wonder if they ever did announce it or with the car companies they are announcing I wonder if the auto makers would update to be backwards compatible with say my, 2010 Golf?
Anytime now Volkswagen...
Would be cool to have a T9 keyboard for old times sake. Hopefully someone makes it.
 not sure just typed it out like that! TONY THE TIGER! THEY'RE GRRRRREAAAT
Ya I was excited about some of the games on sale but some of them were not updated since 2009-2010..... Compatible with iOS 3.0 greattttttt thanks EA for nothing.
I hate the new Skype UI. I don't care if it matches the Windows Platform it not it sucks
I have never owned a pair of Beats but my friends that have had nothing but problems. Sure they were under warranty but dropping hundreds of dollars on crap. I'd rather not. Bose please.
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