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Her hair though.....
I bought my iPhone 6 from Apple for contract on AT&T. Does anyone know if it is technically already "unlocked"? I'm going overseas for a month and just want to pop in a sim card, will it work?
I noticed when I'm using my phone and get a notification it now gives me the name of the group chat when previously it just gave the name so you didn't know if it was a 1-1 message or from the group. However on the lock screen it just says person name and not the group text name.
The problem was since I had my TouchID on for iTunes it forgoes that option. If it's on, then Password settings don't show up under iTunes Store & App Store. If you don't have TouchID enabled then the password settings are there.
Need to hold it in for a second or two then they show up.
I can't find where in the App Store settings to turn off a password requirement for free apps. Am I missing something? Also it feels snappier to me. Lately I was feeling my phone was a little slow (6)
Is there an annual fee on that card?
Most certainly you are correct. That would be like saying the iPhone 6 and 6+ have a different charger. 1M vs. 2M long cable. 
You could always "hide" the icon though. 
I've always wondered why Apple doesn't keep the Apple Events icon on the Apple TV all the time but removes it within a few weeks? Does anyone know why?   Looking forward to the event although I will probably skip it and wait till the 2nd gen. In the pictures it looks kinda thick, I'll have to see it in person. 
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