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Most certainly you are correct. That would be like saying the iPhone 6 and 6+ have a different charger. 1M vs. 2M long cable. 
You could always "hide" the icon though. 
I've always wondered why Apple doesn't keep the Apple Events icon on the Apple TV all the time but removes it within a few weeks? Does anyone know why?   Looking forward to the event although I will probably skip it and wait till the 2nd gen. In the pictures it looks kinda thick, I'll have to see it in person. 
I wish Apple would go back to the days of making the in call timer legible and if I have a picture assigned to a contact so I can actually see it...
Yeah still having slow wifi connection issues with my late '13 MBA meanwhile in the same room I can stream Netflix and my iPhone is on my wifi with no problems what so ever. Frustrating. 
I have an ATV and just got a Roku stick around the holidays just because it has the Amazon app for my Prime. Really only need my ATV for my iTunes content and mirroring. Still waiting for what Steve said that he had it all figured out in his biography.
At least Apple sends out an update for known issues and doesn't write off 60% of their customers.
You couldn't give me a free POS phone installed with Android. It's shocking to me that people still buy anything running on an Android platform. Forget the latest update just the security flaws alone. Even tablets running Android at Best Buy are infected with malware. No thanks.
No reason why they shouldn't be compatable with Health therefore I won't be getting one.
No I don't pay for iTunes Radio. I wasn't quoting you anyway. If you look at my post I was quoting from Crowley who asked about the ads and what they were like.
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