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If this is true and there are no major design updates I will have to wait for the 3rd generation when ever that may be. I'll have to wait and see what they do with version 2 when it's out. I want one just don't want a first generation device, just my preference. 
This is history. Take down the WWII games as well as many other have said.
Her hair though.....
I bought my iPhone 6 from Apple for contract on AT&T. Does anyone know if it is technically already "unlocked"? I'm going overseas for a month and just want to pop in a sim card, will it work?
I noticed when I'm using my phone and get a notification it now gives me the name of the group chat when previously it just gave the name so you didn't know if it was a 1-1 message or from the group. However on the lock screen it just says person name and not the group text name.
The problem was since I had my TouchID on for iTunes it forgoes that option. If it's on, then Password settings don't show up under iTunes Store & App Store. If you don't have TouchID enabled then the password settings are there.
Need to hold it in for a second or two then they show up.
I can't find where in the App Store settings to turn off a password requirement for free apps. Am I missing something? Also it feels snappier to me. Lately I was feeling my phone was a little slow (6)
Is there an annual fee on that card?
Most certainly you are correct. That would be like saying the iPhone 6 and 6+ have a different charger. 1M vs. 2M long cable. 
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