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Have any of you looked at Priceline and Amazon today? AAPL is doing (relatively) well.
$150 Billion? REALLY? Isn't that just about all the money Apple currently has in its coffers?
Absolutely so.  Watch AAPL tank on this news!
"In an update to it's support webpage on Wednesday . . ."   And THIS from a supposedly professional writer.   IT'S = IT IS!  The correct pronoun above is "its," not it's!   How hard can this BE?  Rocket science?
" . . . strong but modest start . . ."   Yeah, my baby grand piano is heavy but light.  My grandmother is old but young.  And my brother is rich but poor.   Don't you just LOVE equivocators?
Wow.  What incredible cynicism.  Since the beginning of this year (2012), AAPL is up 55.9% (as of today's closing), with all of this growth done on Tim Cook's watch.  Hmmm.  Tell me, brlawyer, how many shares of AAPL do YOU own right now?  That is, what skin do you presently have in this game?  I have 5700 shares and will be earning (at minimum) $60,420 a year in dividends---while the stock grows like crazy (for at least the next 15 months, I'd wager).  Funny, but it...
Susan Estrich . . . the Carol Channing of the courtroom!  (Makes sense if you've ever heard her speak.)
  Like WHAT, specifically?  Round, maybe?
I've been waiting for someone to mention the TRUTH of the so-called "Microsoft bailout," NasserAE.  Thanks for the infusion of reality here!
    I'm curious, kotatus.  Is your eagerness to use the Surface based on Microsoft's PROMISES of what it may--or may not--be, or what you have seen firsthand with your own eyes?  If you're going strictly on the (hilariously bad) LA demo session and the Potemkin Village website MS has put up, don't hold your breath for the remainder of this year.  Remember the Courier?  How did that turn out after Big Stevie's announcement at CES a few years back?  How's Project Pink doing...
New Posts  All Forums: