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Um, how do you know this, Tim?  Are you on the MS development team?  Are you privy to the manufacturing specs actually submitted to a plant in China or South Korea?  Please don't answer "I've read the website info" or "I saw the LA presentation."  Microsoft is INFAMOUS for announcing/leaking products that never actually make it to market, so the actual name of the "Surface" should be "The Surface VW" (for "Vaporware").  Hope to hear more insider information.
Why are you posting here, Waterloo?  Isn't there enough pain and suffering in your neck of the woods (RIM) to keep you amused up there?  263 posts?  WHY?  Do you just "love" being insulted in sites like these?  Isn't there enough S&M in your province to keep you humiliated in the Great White North?  Trolling a site that is antithetical to your beliefs and value system seems silly to me, but then again, each to his own.
For the love of  . . . .  Is there no end to the "beggary" that is today's legal system?  Don't have any skills?  Don't have any education?  Don't like to work hard?  Then don't just play the Lottery:  SUE!  Money will fall out of the sky upon thine head, and you won't have to do a damned thing to earn it except be a VICTIM.  Sainthood has been replaced with victimhood, and the new tablets of Moses are the class action lawsuits.  Pathetic.
OH GAWD NO! SAY IT AIN'T SO! Down with Capitalism! Storm the Cupertino campuses! Find Tim Cook and put him on trial! Won't somebody please think of the children! (With a quick homage to "The Simpsons.")
Sorry for the harshness of this post, but I think Apple and Tim Cook should sue the living crap out of this blowhard moron to make sure such lies and distortions are never "free" for someone like him ever again. Punch him in the pocketbook hard and mercilessly. He'll think twice next time before baselessly defaming someone who cannot answer back.
But, but, but . . . Rob Enderle just said in a TV interview that Apple is abut to have a really terrible quarter, and THAT is the reason for the dividend and stock buy-back strategy announced today! Rob said so! It must be true! [Sarcasm]
Right-wing, huh? Since almost ALL print journalists in this country are knee-jerk, dyed-in-the-wool "progressives," this kind of ALGORE-ISM in the flesh (and boy is there a lot of it!) serves only to prove how the END justifies the MEANS among liberals. Do you know who Jason Blair is? How about Janet Cooke? Michael A. Bellesiles? Stephen Glass? Jay Forman? Patricia Smith? Need I cite more? These "journalists," one and all, never EVER let a fact get in the way of a...
It is definitely time for tort reform here in the USA along the lines of that in Great Britain. As I understand it, If a suit is found to be capricious and completely without merit, the plaintiff pays ALL costs involved in that case. Sounds to me as though Proview might be sweating bullets in such an event.
Absolutely SPOT-ON, Neruda. Most of the tech world knows (believes strongly) that iPad 3 is less than two weeks away from announcement/release. Why in the world would the Air Force want a tablet that is about to be "previous-gen"? My experience with government purchasing agencies is that the very TITLE of the iPad 3 requires that the former PO be withdrawn, rewritten, and resubmitted with the NEW identifier . . . iPad 3 instead of iPad 2.
It has been a long time since I've seen the likes of the high-horsed, self-righteous, pseudo-pious indignation evinced in these posts. It is the verbal equivalent of hair shirts and cat-o-nine-tails self mutilation, and I seriously hope the innocent AND guilty among us feel better now that we have beaten our breasts and lamented unto the clouds how rotten American corporations and consumers are, one and all. Pity the workers of the world whose blood, sweat, and tears we...
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