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Who needs URL tracking? Look at the first sentence in the email: "Thank you for choosing Mobileme." The second "m" isn't capitalized! Why would anyone read any farther into the text with that sure-fire reveal? Phishers aren't known for their good grammar, mechanics, and usage.
We have, to be sure, become a nation of whiners. Pathetic, thumb-sucking, tantrum-throwing whiners. What more needs--or can--be said of this once-proud country. Litigation R Us.
The hard numbers AND the forecasts for Apple growth in this and the next quarter are nothing short of PHENOMENAL on all fronts. So . . . you know what THAT means! AAPL is about to tank. It seems to happen every time: Good news (record profits and sales) = Bad; Bad News (Dell going tits up) = Bad for our beloved equity. I, for one, am getting a little tired of the market manipulation in this holding. Wish there was something I could do about it (other than sinking...
@ouragan My year-old MBP 17" 2.4Ghz/4GB/160GB Santa Rosa is, far and away, a better portable than anything you can put up against it right here and right now. WHY? It runs ANY, I repeat ANY, operating system (and its accompanying software) I care to put on it. Not only is its native OS X the finest operating system available (making VISTA look like a blood-on-wall caveman painting), I can also reach all the way back into XP and Mac Classic ("Classic-On-Intel" 4.1),...
Mr. H . . .Please, please try to remember this little aphorism, for it will help you with the rest of your life:"The greatest enemy of EXCELLENCE is not MEDIOCRITY. It is PERFECTION." Perfectionists are forever doomed to a life of disappointment and gloom.FYI: A nationally syndicated consumer advocate in Denver (Tom Martino) often reminds his listeners that ALL--I repeat, ALL--companies make mistakes. The larger the company, the larger the mistakes. (Witness Microsoft...
Hope this helps: Make absolutely sure that a folder titled "Microsoft Office 2008" is sitting within your Applications folder. THERE CAN BE NO VARIATION OF THIS NAME.Also, make sure that all four Office applications inside have NO addenda attached to their titles, like version numbers.Good luck.
Tort reform tort, reform, my kingdom for tort reform!
Actually, icfireball, yes . . . lots of it here. Having been at the forefront of innovation and pioneering new technologies for the past 25 years, I have very--VERY--little tolerance for those who will not acknowledge when a new approach or idea flies in their faces. Research in Motion has been more than a little "haughty" (to understate the situation) since Apple introduced the iPhone touch keyboard, denegrating it at every twist and turn of their press releases. ...
OK, RIM . . . where is the G**damned physical keyboard you said was so crucial for mobile communication? WHERE IS IT, you f*cktards? You said Apple would never survive without a whole basketful of your little chicklet keys on the iPhone, so which molehill came to which mountain here, huh? God, but the hypocrisy is running wild in Canada this time of year.
The truth is, Greg, that the "fix" is in for AAPL today. No matter WHAT earnings Oppenheimer reports this afternoon--no matter WHAT--the stock will be in the low 150's overnight. The manipulators are out in force on this equity (primarily because they KNOW it is undervalued and will certainly bounce back), so be prepared for something of a bloodbath until mid-October, when the full impact of the iPhone's release is felt.
New Posts  All Forums: