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If what you say is true, anantksundaram, how do you account for the AAPL pullback to $117 (+/-) earlier this year and $176 today? Does the backend iPhone revenue come and go with the tide? And if so, what will happen when 20 million (+) units reach customers' hands in the next twelve months? Looks like a tsunami to me. What say you?
@Virgil Good Gawd, dude, get one of those Paul Harvey "pay-as-you-go" disposables and call it a day. (As long as you stay in very, very large metropolitan areas, you'll be fine.) Clearly, the iPhone is NOT for you; and just as clearly, YOU are not the customer Apple is looking for.
Too many instances of the error here to ignore today . . . (Just trying to help) "IT'S" = "IT IS" "ITS" = the possessive pronoun It is the latter of this pair that the above posters meant to use.
Federmoose, I USED to have the same kind of problem with Front Row on my 20" iSight iMac (PPC) . . . until I obtained a copy of DiskWarrior and ran the machine through its battery of tests/directory rebuild. (My problem got so bad that I couldn't even do a re-install of the app 1.3.1 because my iMac--supposedly--had no IR receiver! What?! It did the night before!)Well, and with that said, few minor irregularities showed themselves during the DIskWarrior run, including a...
Sorry, Ben, but I haven't been able to locate the source of your "Steve has said publicly that he doesn't listen to customers" assertion. Could you help me out a bit here with a few links?
Steve Jobs is, and has been for the past decade, the most effective and successful CEO in American enterprise. What the crap are you trying to say, Ben? In the past two years ("couple") AAPL has TRIPLED in value! (That's 300% if you're as math challenged as you are in the executive-evaluation arena.) He moved the Mac from the loser IMB/Motorola platform to Intel, thereby giving millions of Windows hostages the ability to break free from their chains with a minimum of...
Cubert, you and your brother are spot on when it comes to AAPL and Gene Munster! Shaw Woo-Hoo and his coterie of stock manipulators underestimated last quarter's earnings by HALF A BILLION DOLLARS (!), and several downgraded the equity to "Hold" or "Underperform" immediately before data were released. How can ANYTHING these brigands say be trusted or acted upon? Gene was doing his excellent research into AAPL years before Shaw and Co. even heard of Steve Jobs, and...
Many, many thanks, AppleInsider Staff! I've been trying to compile the above list on my own for the past couple of months (and not doing a very good job of it). Kudos!
This guy is truly a Johnny-Come-Lately when it comes to understanding and evaluating AAPL. Only Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray knows what he's talking about in this equity.
@xirtus ". . . stocking his house . . ." Why would we all want to put products in his house? Oh, do you mean "stalking" his house? Oh, that's much different. Say, why don't YOU give him YOUR credit card and be the first among millions to fund the next Apple? (You know, the company that grew up BEFORE the neonazis came to wallstreet.) If that sounds like a good idea, I've got some correspondence from Kenya you'll REALLY be interested in! (Barnum was right: There's a...
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