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This Miami company is going to need pockets as deep as the Mariana Trench if they think they will EVER bring one machine to market running OS X. If anyone truly believes that purchasing a copy of Leopard (with its "onerous" EULA) gives him the right to do with it whatever he pleases, let him run, not walk, to the nearest coterie of attorneys specializing in copyright law. I realize that most of the posters on this site and others like it want (demand?) a cost + 1% tower...
bsenka, you are going to get precisely what you pay for with this knock-off. That, and definitely no more. This is a hacked together wanna-be that's living on the edge legally, has absolutely NO track record for functionality and/or reliability, and comes from a company with absolutely NO record for service/warranty after the sale. NONE! And THIS is what you want as a replacement for your iMac? Man (or woman), you REALLY deserve this machine. Gawd help you and your...
Tell me this, Tailpipe. What would you call OTHER analysts (than Piper Jaffray) when they recommended Microsoft at 37.50 late last winter when IT dropped to 26.80 earlier this year? That TOO is about a 30% drop in its stock price, when AAPL's was about 40% in the same period. MSFT has bounced back all the way to 28.75 now (WOW!), while AAPL is back to 153 or so. If you do, indeed, have the courage and financial resources to invest in equities right now, you might...
The metaphorical snow is now piling up fast and deep on the slopes of enterprise, ladies and gentlemen. This coming June (and for many, many, many quarters thereafter) we will see an avalanche of mythic proportions fueled by OS X, the iPhone, the iMac, the MacBook/Pro, the iPod, iTV, and more products from 1 Infinity Loop we have yet to embrace. Look! Up in the sky! It's morons who dumped their AAPL at $117 leaping from tall buildings . . . in a single bound. Oh the...
@wbrasington You are a GENIUS, sir or madam, for you have completely captured the heart and soul of this (and other) opinion sites! Unless one's opinion about Apple and AAPL is negative and angst-filled today, it's not worth having or expressing, right? Well, my broker and I just added another hundred shares of AAPL to my portfolio; we'll see this time next year whether my steadfast confidence in the iPhone, iMac, iPod, iSteve, iOSX, and iEtc. is justified.
Tell me, oh wise ones of this forum and others like it . . . Is it time to sell the company and give the money back to the shareholders? Sure sounds like it. I guess Michael Dell was right after all.
Morons, one and all, if they ever say AGAIN that Apple has to sell 10 million units in 2008 to arrive at Steve's forecast. Spread the word, friends: ALL APPLE HAS TO SELL THIS YEAR IS 6 MILLION UNITS! The TOAL from 2007 and 2008 must reach 10 million, for Christ's sake . . . and it most certainly WILL! Well said, McHuman.
So NOW Microsloth is concerned about "a credible alternative" in the software market?! Damn, but they didn't seem so "concerned" when they were 99.9% of the OS market! Fscking hypocrites.
Every time there's an overwhelmingly positive report about Apple, it also includes an overwhelmingly negative note. Just another analyst (emphasis on the first four letters) covering his anus.
As proof of NBC's abject stupidity in this arena . . . http://real-us.news.yahoo.com/s/nm/2...1/tv_nm/nbc_dc They're not only FOURTH in the network race, making NO MONEY from iTunes, et. al . . . They're giving money back now!
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