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Aside from your "candy-ass" opinion, "brit-teeth," what is your reaction to the clear misrepresentation about songs being priced at $.89? THEY ARE NOT! Some are . . . but NOT ALL. Is that your clear and balanced spin?
There's no such word as "preventative." The term is "preventive," Apple.
Last Christmas I bought another 100 shares of AAPL when my Schwab investment counselor called, advising me to sell my 5,600 shares at $85 (as he was doing after a run-up from $50). That was almost $65 per share ago . . . or $370,000 that would have been left on the table had I followed his advice. But then again, like MOST market analysts, he didn't know AAPL from Shinola. I did . . . and do. Thankfully.
Will this kind of fscking sh*t never cease? Let this be a lesson to businesses one and all: NEVER, EVER innovate and (heaven forbid!) be successful in the attempt. It's times like these when I'm ashamed to be an American.
I'm with YOU, Spam! (But, personally, I'm waiting with "bated breath." Not into minnows, worms, fish eggs, and the like.)
New Posts  All Forums: