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Not to be TOO snarky here . . .but Apple already pays a crap load more taxes that GE does (which it doesn't).
"The USA is a country where 20% of it's [sic] citizens under 12 live in poverty." Please cite the source of this brash assertion. And while you're at it, please define "poverty." If you've ever been to a Mayan village in Mexico, you'll see REAL poverty, sir or madam, not what we call it here.
I may be wrong . . . but isn't next Wednesday the 18th of January, 2012? I sure hope everyone shows up on the correct day!
Actually, I think they* do in California law, at least for 70 years or so.*or his family/assigned heirs
Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with this David Goldstein of Channel Marketing? I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd like him to sell. (The right man for the right job!)
I'm not sure what you mean by "plunged," but VZ closed down only 1.31% . . . and after hours it was unchanged.
Argentinian Protectionism = American Protectionism. The math is simple. Note to the fascists in Argentina: Ban our products, we ban YOURS. As long as you don't need our business, things will work out just fine for you. However . . . .
"In all, he expects total iPhone shipments in the September quarter . . . ." And WHICH quarter would that be, exactly? September, October, and November? Hmmm. Interestingly, Apple considers its fiscal Q1 to be October, November, and December, so what might THIS ANAL-YST be thinking of?
Nothing more than market manipulation here, IMHO. Rumors, rumors, and more rumors: the easiest way to drive AAPL (or any other equity) down.
So much for all the tech-spec'ers, anal-ysts, hedge fund managers, day traders, and marketing geniuses who declared iPhone 4S dead on arrival! Gawd, but I hate "experts"! Apple has a true tiger by the tail here; just hope they can make enough of them to make Q1/2012 the most spectacular earnings period in the history of technology!
New Posts  All Forums: