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Still, this is one of the RARE instances of positive news for Apple . . . in a sea of negativity since Steve's resignation. Happy to see it, no matter how far off it really might be.
Please pardon the schadenfreude here, but having Jon Rubinstein fall on his ass just one more time thrills me to the core. To be sure, I sympathize with TouchPad purchasers and all those who fell for Rubinstein's bullcrap, but watching him eat another heaping helping of crow is most gratifying.
Then you have a very poorly developed survival instinct, AppleZilla, and I wouldn't want to be on a mountain climb with you.
ameldrum1 . . . "A blackhead (medically known as an open comedo, plural comedones) is a yellow or blackish bump or plug on the skin. A blackhead is a type of acne vulgaris."
I've been buying AAPL since the early 1990's, having now accumulated 5700 shares. The equity has split 2 for 1 twice in that time, making my average price per share $12.40. Right now (9:20 MDT), the stock is sitting at $375, give or take a few pennies--and has been as high as the low 400's. Now, and with that said, oh wise Scotty321 . . . what would you have said AAPL's chances of rising from 12 to 400 would have been in the past two decades? Zero? Less than zero? ...
The Mac total would have been even HIGHER, had the new MacBook Air been released a month earlier. (Supposed to be released tomorrow with 10.7, if rumors are to be believed.)
Three of my PC-centric friends just bought white iPhones from Verizon. When I asked why they weren't waiting for the 4s/5 refresh, they pointed to the end of Verizon's unlimited data plan last week. They wanted to get in before that expired, even though they had to "settle" for the 4.
I always wondered what the term "disgruntled former employee" meant in real-world usage. Jon Rubinstein's picture now appears in the Silicon Valley Tech Dictionary alongside the term. Good luck, Jon. Keep taking your anti-anxiety medication.
Oh, Gawd, say NOT! This kind of news will drive AAPL right into the toilet!
"A new rumor suggests that Microsoft is looking into launching an own-brand tablet PC by the end of 2012 . . . . " BY THE END OF NEXT YEAR? The world has now been subjected to a new stratum of vaporware speculation and rumors! V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E rules! This is Potemkin Villages on steroids! Everyone, grab your pitchforks and torches and short AAPL, for MSFT has once again promised us the moon and the stars in our pockets. Holding my breath now for the NEW AND...
New Posts  All Forums: