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"The analyst . . . took pause to assess the iPad's potential to eat into sales of it's [sic] much smaller cousin, the iPod touch." "It is much smaller cousin"? What the heck does THAT mean?
Another gawd-danged review of (wait for it) . . . . . . . V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E! It doesn't exist until it comes into the hands of teenagers, business people on the move, grandmothers, my wife, and the like. Until then it's nothing more than a promise, an ephemera, a ghost, a wisp, a rumor, a Potemkin Village. That's all. Nothing to see here; move along. Note to Mr. Topolsky: Compare the Nexus One and its OS to the iPhone and OS 4.0, OK? Neither exists yet, so that...
For the love of all things holy and techy . . . THIS THING IS VAPORWARE! V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E! Real people haven't touched it yet, put it in their back pockets, dropped it getting out of their cars, run multiple (NEW) apps at the same time, etc., etc., etc. Until then, it doesn't exist as reviewed! It's a Potemkin Village and nothing more. Let's look at it again in a couple of months after ten thousand teenagers and "regular people" have had their way with it. Even...
@AngusYoung and Roos24 Here's to heaping contumely on both of you, for your holier-than-thou positing is infantile and embarrassing. I've had my 27" iMac quad-i5 from the very beginning (purchased from the local Apple Store). No problems whatsoever . . . but little is ever heard from those with perfect hardware, huh? It's only the squeaky wheels that get the grease (and column inches) today, so if only .0001% of iMac owners have had problems with the 27", it is THEIR...
@jerkman91 If you were standing right in front of me and SHOUTED the crap you've posted here (ALL CAPS!), I would knock your block off, you vacuous troll. If you don't like the iPhone/ATT connection, don't use it. What you're advocating here is childish, puerile, pathetic, and whinerific. (Is that language clean enough for you?) Go haunt some other site with your "campaign alert," jerkman. (Why not try a Million Man March on DC next time?)
I really don't understand the above chart. Who the Hell is "Apple Computer"? There's currently no tech company in the world with that name, is there?
"A hacker this week released a new exploit that allows users to circumvent Apple's preventative measures . . . ." Not sure what is said here, because there's no such word as "preventative," just as there is no such verb as "preventate." The word in play, I must assume, is "preventive." Oh, OK, now I know what the writer meant.
"Windows 7 has earned rave reviews from some, including known Apple advocate Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal." Uh, huh. Right. Let's all not forget that Uncle Walt ALSO--ALSO!--raved about Vista! And how did THAT work out for him and the Journal? Credibility gap, anyone?
"At least not after "Mission Accomplished." Yeah, at least not after "unemployment will not rise above 8%"!
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