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Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're "gonna," we're "about ta'," we "promise to," etc., etc., etc. Remember what a "killer" the Pre was going to be before IT was finally released unto the world? Same thing here. Potemkin villages look really, really solid from a fast-moving train. It's the slow, considered, deliberate observation that reveals its lack of a structural foundation. More crap here from the desperate. No innovation, no creativity, no research, no expansion of...
The "Pre" is V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E! It's still a promise, a dream, a phantom, a wisp. Nothing more. So it "looks good"? Big f-ing deal! Has anyone actually touched or used this thing for longer than 10 seconds? It's a Potemkin Village, folks! It's all facade, smoke, and mirrors! Tell me: How well does that touch screen actually work? How rugged is it? Battery life good with all those background tasks running all the time? Will you need a bandolero of them for a...
But, but, but . . . a job is my RIGHT! I am entitled to it! My boss and my company OWE it to me! They're greedy and stupid if they say otherwise! I am paid too little! They are paid too much! They're screwing the little guy! Nationalize them all! Screw the capitalist swine! (Oh, oh . . . but watch out for the flu!)
You lost your way on this one, "teckstud." The numbers for the new Shuffle are quite impressive thus far (according to a friend who works at the local Apple retail store). Yesterday a fairly distant relative called to ask the only Mac aficianado in his circle (me) to provide more "real world" info about the voice capabilities of the new Shuff. Sent him to the website; he was very impressed and ordered one on the spot. Don't be too sure about what OTHER people like, ts....
Don't know what to say, rain, but I've been using Safari 4 beta since day one and haven't had one crash or hang. So whose track record is to be believed here? Of course, I don't load up any of my three browsers with add-ons and plug-ins, the source of almost all such conflicts. And--no--Firefox is NOT as fast as Safari 4 beta in my tests. So, again, I guess our experience and opinions must agree to disagree.
So where's that genius from RBC who still (apparently) holds his $70 price target for AAPL? Come on, Mike Abramsky, let's hear your opinion on this equity ONE MORE TIME!
This is self-interest at work, folks. It is well known that RBC and RIM scratch either other's backs, partly for financial reasons, partly for nationalist well-wishing. This is clearly FUD and blatant stock manipulation. If AAPL goes down, RIMM benefits, and vice-versa. Believe nothing Abramsky has to say about Apple, Inc. He's a shill, as is his company, for RIMM.
"I have seen the future . . . and it doesn't work." Behold the new information age, oh my droogie brothers, where fools are forecasters and liars are prophets. Anyone with $400 and access to a Wal-Mart is now a Cumean Sybil, able to leap tall truths in a single bound and spread misinformation around the world faster than a speeding bullet. The Millennium has truly arrived: We can (and must) believe absolutely nothing we see, hear, or read. Everything is agenda driven. ...
Oh, crap, dommy-D! Apple making money? Damn! How evil and capitalistic is THAT? Hey, got an idea for ya', d-D: DON'T BUY IT! Don't upgrade from Tiger to Leopard! Don't upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard! Don't buy anything from anybody! THAT'll show 'em!
"The pre is nice . . . ." How can anyone--ANYONE--possibly say that with a straight face? THE "PRE" IS VAPORWARE! IT DOESN'T EXIST IN NATURE! It's a promise, a dream, a phantom, a ghost, a Potemkin Village, an ephemera! No one actually saw it at CES . . . and it won best in show! What the hell is going on here, people? This "product" is BOGUS! It's BULLSH*T! (There. I feel much better.)
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