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Seems to me you should apply for Steve Jobs' position, ascii. Clearly, you know more than their product development team, and as an AAPL shareholder in good standing I would love to see you run the company. Of course, there are a couple of hundred thousand other experts on sites such as these who would give you a run for your money, but I'd bet you'd prevail.
Wait. Let's think this through. Isn't this revelation firmly ensconced in the "Most Downloaded" strand? How in the heck can it be #4 in that list (even above the 10.5.6 update) when nobody knows it exists? Have any of YOU downloaded it yet? Has anyone you know? Something fishy here.
The most recent math: Gizmodo = Stock Manipulators I truly and fervently hope those jerkwads went short on AAPL with their "rumor" and lost their asses Friday and this morning. Damn all such analysts and in-the-know websites to hell. New from NBC's Jim Goldman: "This is the day the shorts lose. Time to cover, and go slinking back into the shadows. Sing it with me: Bye, bye shorts. This should be the day the Apple shorts died."
Is there absolutely NO hope for the 17" unibody MBP this coming spring/year? The 15" is nice, of course, but I really need the additional screen space. (Presently enjoying the 17" Duo Core MBP from September of 2007.) What do ya' think? Edited @ 9:12 AM MST: http://macdailynews.com/index.php/we...omments/19542/
One of these days tort reform will come to the shores of this last great hope of mankind . . . and the loser will be compelled to pay ALL legal expenses incurred by the winner. Until that comes to pass, any litigation, no matter how frivolous or ill-intended, will cost both sides astronomical amounts of money--winners as well as losers. I hope PisStar loses its ass in this action.
Thank you so very much, mrsteveman1. I think I understand the issue now!
I trust Apple will jump on these guys much quicker than they did with Pisstar. They've already laid the legal foundation in Florida and done most of the rudimentary paperwork, so this suit should (I hope) proceed post haste!
ALPICH, why do you even bother with the iPhone. Clearly, CLEARLY, it is not good enough for you, so why not just jump into the Android/WinMob camp and be done with it? Or are you just one of those guys that isn't happy until he has everything precisely HIS way? (Even if that means Frankensteining everything you own.)
'Apple are [sic] aware of the issue and are investigating . . ." There is absolutely no need for the [sic] annotation here. Our British cousins consider all collective nouns plural. Hence, "Apple are" is perfectly acceptable since it references the company's representatives in the UK.
Gosh, markb and CREB, I wonder if Apple thought of that? Hmmm. iPhone in Wal-Mart BEFORE Christmas, not AFTER. Hmmm. What a revolutionary concept! Looks like someone in Cupertino wasn't looking at his or her calendar, huh? Yep, someone's MBA needs further examination. Think I'll go apply for THAT job . . . or maybe you guys should! Clearly, we're ALL more qualified than those boobs in California.
New Posts  All Forums: