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 Yup. That's why Tim Cook's views on this are so great. The time for debate is over. It's time to start doing something, and since he's in charge of such a high profile company, hopefully, that means other companies will follow. No one has ever convinced anyone of this in an Internet thread (just like evolution). It's futile. Moreover, it accomplishes nothing. For many many deniers, they simply won't believe at all even if half of Florida and other lowland areas are...
I was thinking they could get around it is to have Messages be a user installable app. Default encryption of storage probably is ok as that is user opt out? Certainly should be ok if it is user opt-in.
 Some posters could be 10 years old. ;) That's the thing about the Internet, you could be talking to a 64 year old grandmother masquerading as an 11 year old boy, or any other combination. Or a Chinese 13 year old who doesn't quite grasp english slang.
 Cook is doing exactly as he should as CEO. Global warming affects Apple as it will stagnate Apple's long term success if people's priorities are to deal with its effects down the road. He sees what the economic environment of the future is going to be and looking to take advantage. Rumor is that Apple is developing an electric car. Could be fuel cell powered or lithium battery powered, but electric motor. What are the odds that Cook will arrange for a carbon-neutral...
   So what do you think we should do, the proper way to address a warming world?  Do you believe that we are capable of modeling the world's climate? If not, do you think it is attainable? If a global climate model is attainable, would you follow what it says to do?
"We don't want to debate climate change," the company said at the time. "We want to stop it."   Beautiful that Cook is leading the way, being so public about it. Hopefully he can convince all the big companies.
That's exactly what a benchmark should do: measure the performance of hardware running the software that you use.The synthetic benchmarks used in a lot of reviews today like Geekbench or whatever GPU benchmark is a level of abstraction removed and really needs careful interpretation.
Has there ever been an Apple product where "production" problems were not part of the rumor cycle?   It's been "boy who cried wolf" for so long now that I'm surprised it still makes the news cycle.
 Yup.  However, I'm surprised no noticed that the media and Strategy Analytics are making the same mistake again. Apple's reported net income, what normal people think of as "profit", for calendar Q4 2014 was $18.04 billion. How Strategy Analytics gets to $18.4 billion in operating profit is beyond me. They are not paying zero taxes or expenses, etc, and taxes are on the order of 25% anyways. It's SA's usual gamesmanship with the numbers, as they know the terms of art for...
I'm not all that worried over the energy storage. There are many ways to do, at small scales and giant scales. Batteries, thermal pools, artificial lakes and dams. It's just not happening right now because we are fine with the tried and true coal based power plants and gas/oil burning engines. We're not going to make the transition or see it at wider scale until they become too expensive or we run out of oil. There is an utmost need to get the transition started ASAP, so...
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