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Actually, I like the AI message board design (or Ars Technica's) a lot whole lot better than the UI disasters that are threaded user forums. Disqus style comment boards are only about 4 or 5 indents deep, so you're left at the same spot anyways. Many of those comment boards are designed for what, a 640 pixel wide display, that are surrounded by ads and crap. Especially these sites who continually harp on design and user experience, yet their comment forums are UI...
No, that's a different case. The case that went to the jury is a class action lawsuit against Apple involving DRM practices and how it harmed iPod customers by raising prices. It's one of the dumbest lawsuits I've heard of in recent memory to make it to trial. But, the lesson is still the same. This case should have been dismissed 9 years ago. It should have never survived to get a to trial-by-jury stage. Yet here they are. It's now in the hands of the jury, and you really...
AI doesn't have much of anything about the proceedings. They just started today. Don't know how long it will go. We will see how it goes. Like I said, while the arguments may be convincing, you never know what goes through the minds of the judges or the jury in these things.
You never know, and the DOJ has yet to present its side, right? You just never know what machinations lead a person to make one decision or another.
Excellent choice by Time.
"Now ready" is a rather ill-defined term in the semiconductor business. I'd argue Intel isn't ready quite yet. The Core M rollout has been, what, anemic? Pretty slow? Unimpressive? It's been like a pilot production project for them prior to the big rollout in 1H 2015. I'm almost at the point in thinking that Apple can simply not upgrade the CPUs in the Macs until Skylake comes out. The only really beneficial thing they can do is go Fusion standard in Mac mini and iMac,...
It's not possible to prevent these tiny little scratches on the glass under normal use. All it takes is a grain of sand or something similar. People may think they are being careful, and they are careful, but it is simply not possible using any reasonab measures. Sapphire would have solved this, but not this year.
Hmm, I wonder how much of Apple's tooling at Foxconn come into play here. It's 64-bit Silvermont (Atom) and a USB Type C connector, but with USB 2, not 3 nor 3.1, protocol.
 There's nothing AMD can do to hurt Intel in the near future. As long as Intel is a node ahead and has a competitive design, they are basically in a monopolist position in the laptop, desktop and server world, mistakes are eminently survivable, and a boring media story. And we all know that there's nothing more than the media hates is a boring story. Intel's problems in the handset world is heavily taxed by their business model and strategy. They can ship the most...
The Exynos 5430 and 5433 in the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4 are 20 nm SoCs from Samsung's 20 nm. They may ship in one or two of Samsung's countless tablet models too. Not the same volumes as the A8 SoCs, but it's in the millions at least. Heck, the 5433 is a 64-bit A57/A53 big.LITTLE SoC, but Samsung is running it in 32-bit mode for various reasons. Maybe they'll advertise it at 64-bit when they ship Lollipop for it.
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