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That's a big if. Think about what you are proposing. If you think Microsoft wants to undercut x86 boxes with their own proprietary hardware and software, then yes indeed, I can understand why Intel would want to talk with Apple about CPUs.
Just to remind everyone, a 3.2 GHz Cell would do ~25 giga-dual-precision FPU ops on aggregate. On aggregate means spread across all of the processor cores in the Cell CPU. In single threaded dual precision app performance, Cell would perform more like a 400 MHz CPU or 3 GFLOPS. It would take all cores working optimally to get the aggregate FLOPS number. Most dual precision applications can be threaded really well, so work can be spread across 8 cores to achieve something...
Apple isn't in the game console business, so, the answer is obviously a resounding no. Apple will having nothing to compete with Xbox/xBox/XBOX 360. One can say Apple will never have anything like the Xbox 360 or PS3. The Mac mini will likely have a 1.67 GHz G4 processor and Nvidia 5200 graphics by then though. That's only 3 times faster than my 500 MHz iBook.
You don't need a memo to question the integrity of the GWB admin or the Blair admin over the invasion of Iraq. All you needed to do was to listen to what they were saying, and it was obvious they were lying and propagandizing.
I can agree with not starting a bunch of threads about E v C. That would be in poor taste. But something needs to be said about a forum created explicitly for the discussion of political topics, yet we aren't allowed to discuss certain things.
I'll second it. What's the point of creating a "PoliticalOutsider" forum, if not to have "controversial" political discussions? And what I really don't appreciate is the threat of a ban for starting an evolution versus creation thread.
Meritocracy is good. I'm happy the bill was killed.
Hey, what about 320p for my 500 MHz iBook? Hmm, my wonderful gen-1 dual USB iBook is 4 years old now. Wish I could get a new laptop, but it will have to wait until Fall at the earliest, and likely Spring 06. Hopefully by then, there will be a Mac laptop capable of 1080p. A 2 GHz dual-core 8641D, 2 GHz 970mp or some new PPE/SPE derived laptop should do the trick.
The Sony presentation doesn't give much new technical information about the chip at all. Lots of software related stuff though. One of the new, perhaps only, things is the SPE can do 2-way double precision SIMD FPU ops. That's new to me. Not much else. Also, the SPE does "DP FMAC has 14 cycle and 7 cycle issue rate." I'm guessing this means that SPE DP FPU isn't pipelined, that a 1-way DP FMAC op takes 7 cycles to execute, that 2-way DP FMAC op take 14 cycles to...
This is the current lineup: Code: 0999 1.2 GHz iBook 12 1299 1.3 GHz iBook 14 1499 1.3 GHz iBook 14 1499 1.5 GHz Powerbook 12 1699 1.5 GHz Powerbook 12 1999 1.5 GHz Powerbook 15 2299 1.7 GHz Powerbook 15 2699 1.7 GHz Powerbook 17 I don't see anything wrong from a business point of view if Apple updates the notebook lineup to the following at WWDC: Code: 0899 1.33 GHz iBook G4 12 1099 1.42 GHz iBook G4 14 1299 1.42 GHz ...
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