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Apple will use HFS+. The processor has nothing to do with the filesystem.
Pipeline depth is not truly an indicator for difficulty in SMT. It's correlative, but not causal. SMT is a scheme to keep a processor executing, to have as many of the pipeline stages executing instructions as possible. SMT helps deeply pipelined processors negate pipeline "latencies". Not the right way to say that really. Hmm. Starting over. SMT is a scheme to keep a processor executing, to have as much of the processor's execution resources executing as possible. The...
Well, Apple doesn't have to worry about CPU branding anymore, so maybe they can go back to the pre-PPC days when machines were referred to by names such as Quadra, Centris, II/IIc/IIfx, etc?
This is still true. It is even true between IBM PowerPC architectures! (Let alone between IBM and Motorola PowerPC processors.)The Pentium M has existed for over 2 years now. It's not a rumor. Banias was the 1st gen chip, fabbed at 130 nm. Dothan is the 2nd generation 90 nm chip in current laptops. Yonah will be a 3rd generation 65 nm chip. Merom is a new microarchitecture, likely not based on the Banias microarchitecture, but follows many of the same design tradeoffs....
Jobs' instinct about how people use computers and what form those computers take has been right for the last 2 decades. The instinct was that all-in-one computers, appliance style boxes, were the best form factor for people. He was just wrong on the implementation of that form factor. Laptops are better than desktop all-in-ones. In fact, they are better than desktop all-in-ones because they are completely all-in-one while the desktop versions have separate keyboards and...
If that happens, then we can do something about it at the time if the people there want our help. That's only if they want our help. If they don't want our help, then yes, we should let it happen.Pulling out of Iraq removes the sole reason for insurgency and allows Iraq to solve their problems on their own terms.
The administration could solve the problem by aggressively leaving Iraq. I only have unspeakable words for the admin and the folly that is their foreign policy.
Centrino is a trademark name for the CPU and system ASICs, the platform. The ASICs are nice little integrated chips that include wireless, audio, graphics, and other I/O. The 70% is for the difference between the 130 nm Banias/Centrino platform and the 65 nm Yonah/Napa platform. Going from 130 nm to 65 nm results in a 75% reduction in chip size for equal amounts of transistors. Since Yonah has nearly 3 times the transistors that Banias has, that 70% really doesn't apply...
It's not SMT that is giving the UI a more snappier feel. It is the better memory performance and OOOE, expecially on the integer code.75% of the CPUs Intel will sell in 2006 will be dual-core processors, including the laptops.
If it ain't got DirectX, game ports will still be difficult. Not as difficult as Windows/x86 to OS X/PPC, but still hard to do.
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