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Agreed.  I use it at least a few times I week.  But I travel a lot for work.
The logo in those shots (ignoring that it's blue) doesn't look right either... it looks like the bottom part of the Apple is skewed somehow, extended to the right too far under the bite.
I'm glad you responded to this... I was going to but your analogy beats what I was going to say. I'm sick of people saying its just a bigger iPhone... Technically, maybe, but operationally just not true.
Wait... They wanted an HD display on their tablet so they waited for a 1920x1080 Android one instead of getting a 3rd gen iPad already available at 2048x1536... Sorry, that doesn't make any sense to me unless they're (or you or your tech savvy Dad) are Android fanboys.
I'm a little surprised at the Timer page... it's a little... ugly.
From what I've read so far, and we probably won't know for sure until someone breaks it down and x-rays the chip, but I heard it's an A5 with 1GB RAM and two extra identical graphics cores (no idea on any changes to clock speeds). Of course at this point, that's just rumor, so take it for what it's worth.
I'm speculating, but "twice as fast as the Tegra 3" may refer to clock speed whereas "four times the performance" is obviously based on benchmarking and pushing pixels vs. clock speed. I was wondering at how simply adding two cores to double the performance from the A5 would be enough to cover 4x the pixels, but perhaps they made some other performance boosts as well, or (I'd guess) maybe the A5 graphic cores ware never even near full perfornace used at 1024x768.
Yes, me too.
I think it's a great thing. There's a great team in place there, but of them all, Jony's the one with the vision that Steve had. It's his vision that will keep Apple making great products that people fall in love with. Scott's work on the software is great, too, but it's the hardware designs that draw people in first. I hope Jony's well compensated and stays at Apple until he retires!
It's about time! Most of the books I read are Random House and I've just refused to buy any until they sign up with iBooks.
New Posts  All Forums: