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I was with you until you went there. Hoarding? I prefer the term 'collecting'. And removing the hard drive doesnt stop me from being any less of a collector of content. In fact, its easier because while some folks store movies and music on their appletv, the more savvy users store their media it on an external hard drive connected to their computer in the other room, and stream it to the apple tv. And I dont think the creation of new content has any relationship...
I usually don't make a habit of cosigning on someone else's argument, but this is pretty good.
HBO is waiting to release their AppleTv app: HBOGo. They'll continue to charge 1.99 for a single episodes, but allow folks to buy 1 year of unlimited on-demand access to their library (past current and future original programming) for $99. We will see the same from Showtime, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Comedy central, etc... This is the end game for apple tv: delivering the app experience (that everyone knows and loves) to the living room tv.
Hiro - Its not about the peice of gear.. its about iTunes. And I'm really looking for peole who may have a similar setup to hear what they have to say. I am not worried, just trying to start the conversation. But thanks for your feedback. I will be sticking to the old version in the near future.
Apple is setting us up. Airplay is not the end game here. Airplay is Apple putting us in a holding pattern until they can get their ducks in row for apps on the AppleTV. Netflix will have an app. HBO will have an app. Comedy central. MLB. NFL. Hulu. Even Amazon.com unbox. Everything will be an app on the appletv. And then the apple tv will have tons of video content on demand (presumably in 720p). Apps on the appletv is the end game as far as this product...
bump seriously? no responses on this?
You are absolutely right. CBS app, comedy central app, NFL app, NHL app, HBO app... they are all in the pipeline and wil be a gamechanger for TV as we know it.
I have 2 appletvs, streaming about 2TB of my DVD collection of movies and tv shows from iTunes (thanks to MTR and Handbrake). Currently, I have one of them in my 2 yr-old daugter's room. I have synced only childrens movies (Elmo, and sesame street) and children's music to her appletv, and turned off syncing. With the new setup, how will it treat access control? if we are forced to use a streaming-only model, how does that impact our ability to control what each...
I would advocate that CDMA needs to die. The rest of the world uses GSM. The ability to buy and pop in a local sim in a different country is priceless. If Apple builds a phone for Verizon, it better be dual CDMA/GSM.
Apple cant offer 1080p content in the store until they are sure that this content can be streamed to AppleTV. Right now, its impossible for 2 reasons: hardware limitations in the AppleTV and data transfer limitations. I use my AppleTV to stream home-brewed 720p m4v video files over N-wireless from my iMac to my AppleTV, which are about 12 feet away and not separated by a wall. I get hiccups. The video freezes every now and then. Fast forward and rewind are buggy. But...
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