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Still waiting for code............................  I'm not one of those people that have to get things right NOW, but now I'm starting to get anxious.... good thing it's Friday.
Still waiting for my download code.... they must be really backed up...
Isn't it possible that they might do away with the Apple TV box, and integrate it into the new TV enclosure? Just a thought.
Never mind, just read it over at 9to5mac.com.
So how and when do they announce the download winner?
Bump... I'm still having this problem. Very annoying.
I lost a bunch of my contacts when upgrading to iPhone 4.2.1 -- anybody else have the same problem? I didn't notice until later, when I went to call somebody and their phone number was gone. Then I went to email somebody else, and their email address was gone. It looks like it kept all the contact names, just deleted some info.
I've been thinking about buying this too... but I don't have my Windows discs for my old laptop. Does anybody know if you can use Parallels without having the Windows discs?
There is an option to "replace information on this iPhone", but there is no option to do it the other way around. It's in the INFO tab.
Each time I sync my iPhone, it seems to overwrite the iPhone calendar items with my Macbook calendar items. I enter all my appointments, etc. on my iPhone and would like to make the iPhone overwrite the Macbook items. Does anybody know how to accomplish this?
New Posts  All Forums: