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What was it people were saying about this court decision not even being noticed by the consumer? I think this could be an anomaly, but if this continues going forward then I would say that Samsung will be hurt tremendously by their actions, and the court decision that came from them.
That happens here in Portland Oregon as well. Only the police have a bad reputation for shooting said naked person as well.
Hmm, perhaps you are right.
Yes it does...http://www.vmware.com/go/fusionoperatingsystems
It has done that for a while. Here is the list of new things and features in an easy to click link.http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/overview.html
Then why bother with a jury trial at all?
They also argued that Apple could not keep up with the demand for their product at the time, obviously to show that the loss of income due to Samsung simply picking up Apples leftovers, was not damaging Apple as much as it otherwise might have... I am sure that is factored into damages as well.
With all the information coming out, it is not improving my opinion of Samsung at all. I have yet to read anything, on any site, that leads me to believe that they are being anything but deceptive in this case. I will be surprised if they are not found guilty. Not shocked, a court with a jury has a lot of leeway in their ability to rule on a subject. Right now, the data that is coming out of the trial shows what appears to be a willful infringement. But it could really...
It was in response to the specific assertion made that one computer could not have ore than one iTunes library open at a time. You can, I have done it, and I told how. Do what you will with the information. In response to your question or topic about a system for delivery of iTunes. It would be cool. Whether or not it will ever be made is another question.
And they are also very similar to the iPhone, does that mean they stole their design from the iPhone? The designer had a clear shot to say they referenced internal designs and prior phones when making new products. Instead of doing that, which would have been good for their defense she decided to instead say that the phones did not build off of previous internal designs. Why do you suppose this is? She feels the need to lie about that for what reason?
New Posts  All Forums: