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The iTunes Library will stay open if you switch to another user profile without logging off. If you have a separate library it will open as well, and so on... You could have more than one library open with no problem at all. If you are not sure about this, try it out. You will find it works fine.
I had a post where I pointed out a few, assume you got those?
I usually do not complain about the little errors in these articles, but this one takes the cake for mistakes: "More details surround the recent burglary at the home of Steve Jobs have surfaced in a police report" should have used surrounding. "stealing two iMacs, there iPads, three iPods" I assume would be "three iPads", although I suppose it could be "their iPads" as well... "off a $2,8950 pair of Tiffany platinum, diamond and aquamarine lace-drop earrings, as well as...
I would believe her words being the actual designer who works for the company, before I would believe yours, what with you having nothing to do with the company or their design process at all.
Having worked in IT for a major enterprise for nearly 13 years I will say that there are a lot of things that prevent movement to any outside platform, be it Linux, OS X, or any other choice. The first thing is Active Directory. All of the enterprise security and authentication for internal Apps relies on it and there is a LOT of old stuff that would need to be completely rebuilt in order to be able to continue to function properly without it. If you have experience in...
Wait, I thought that Apple was the only one to launch these patent lawsuits. Everyone else just wants to get along... Sigh...
Not sure how it will work, but I just downloaded the update in about 1.5 hours and see no reason to wait for congestion to clear. Installing now. Responding on iPad. The congestion issues would seem to relate to up to date issues, turning in your free upgrade coupons.
Wait a moment. If Google snooped your wireless and gained your logins and passwords, how does that not affect you directly exactly?
We had those at work. Our server procurement folks tried to use them for a couple years. I guess there was some resemblance to the rounded corners and such now that I think back, but they were less of a tablet as they converted from laptop to removable screen. They always had the keyboard attached as without it they became almost unusable for them. I never correlated the two as that product was very heavy, felt kind of flimsy, had the complete computer innards, the battery...
Ummm, yeah. This was a prototype. That is why it looks like one. And even then, what windows tablet looked even close?
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