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Obama Vetoed the last ruling due to the abuse of FRAND patents and wanted to ensure that they could not be used to unfairly grant an advantage against competitors. None of the patents in this case are FRAND and thus are fair game for any and all penalties if the other company refuses to follow the law. This is not the same situation, except that they both involve patents and lawsuits...
That is new since I posted. Good that they updated their description.
Just checked, the App Store does not tell in the description that it will not play fully on a Jailbroken Device.
What? You claimed that the phone was a boring update and appear to say that this was one major reason why their stock was tanking. And then when faced with the fact that the phone was actually selling quite well you say it is because people are stupid? What point are you actually trying to make? Is it that the phone is partly responsible for apples stock tanking or are you just saying you think it was a boring update in your opinion?
A bit harsh here. He gave examples of things that do not work and why he thought what he did. I did not fully agree with his assertion that they "do not work", but there are major shortcomings and differences in the iOS version of those apps that really do need to be addressed. My calendar app does not allow me to snooze a meeting reminder, I cannot tell you how many times that has messed me up when I get the reminder while I am working some very critical issue and...
Any app I have "bought" makes it clear that there are in app purchases available. They even say which ones are the most popular. This is not as hidden as you would like to think...On the Simpsons game it lists the following as the top in-app purchases right on the itunes store:1. Golden Scratch-R $0.992. Dozen Donuts $1.993. Stack of 60 Donuts $4.994. Truckload of 300 Donuts $19.995. Tray of 132 Donuts $9.996. Store Full of 900 Donuts $49.997. Boatload of...
Then don't buy them, the developer will stop making it that way if it is not making them money. Easy, right?
you are saying a couple different things, but i have to ask, do you tell your son the password for your device and the account that can do the IAP? If not, then no, he cannot do an IAP under your nose.I, as a parent of 3 children, do take responsibility for my kids. They do not know the device password. They are not allowed to purchase anything, particularly if they are younger than teenagers. Yes it is more work, yes they whine. No, I don't care. Being a parent is not...
No the article states that another break-in using a smash through the glass with a car caused $600K in damage.
They paid 2.5% of all the taxes paid by corporations, no a 2.5% tax... There is a big difference.
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