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They paid 2.5% of all the taxes paid by corporations, no a 2.5% tax... There is a big difference.
I believe they were called Throbbers... Does that sound right?
Seriously? Just because you feel that way you are right and everyone else is wrong?I'm sorry, but you are outvoted and therefore are obviously wrong. (See , that feels better doesn't it. Now you know you are wrong just because I said so. )
No, actually when insiders sell, and it is based on insider information, it usually results in criminal charges due to something called insider trading. Sometimes a stock sale, is just a stock sale...
I disagree. You touched on his point I believe, but only lightly. He is saying that when you include the price of the contract you have to purchase with the phone you are paying over $1000 for the phone. It is subsidized to get you into the phone and you cannot get out of it until you have completed your contract. He did not speculate at all in that post on how much a US manufactured phone would cost from what I can see.
Or we could keep Obama and have the same old terrorism we have had all along.
Actually, no. The problem I see is that you are trying to force people to either change their mind or to make you change yours and that is not why I am here. I just want to have a discussion and hear alternate views without all the personal attacks. And you have your mind made up to the point that nothing will chnge it. Not even what you claim will. So it is pointless to get drawn into any argument with you. The problem is, once I get drawn in I feel the need to defend...
You know what, forget it. Thank you for the reminder why I left to begin with. Thank you very much. That is a not insignificant portion of my life I can use for actually doing something that matters. Getting drawn into arguing with an egotistical ass is actually not one of those things.
Do you answer questions honestly?
There is a reason it is called a birth date, not a conception date. Simple difference I know, but you might have missed it.
New Posts  All Forums: