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So then he needs to not be Biden?
Can anyone defend this? I am waiting for the apologists to come in and talk about how unpatriotic it is for this report to have been written undermining the jobs report and the rosy outlook it gave. Truth is not patriotic or unpatriotic, it is truth. Lying about that truth to distort the market or to control end manipulate voters. That takes you into unpatriotic territory. Who has done which one here?
I'm puzzled how this line of thinking has anything to do with the thread at hand anymore? It is only serving to derail the thread completely. Unless that is the purpose...
You bet that he pushed for it do you? Any evidence? Outside of wishful thinking?
Actually seems to be much ado about nothing. Watch the debates, if the moderator is biased it will become very clear very quickly.
Shall we post videos where Obama contradicts himself as well. That would be fun, we can all post videos that mean nothing as they are completely out of context and may or may not actually reflect what was being communicated at the time.
I gotta agree here. They said thank you very much sir and ended the interview. He likely should have waited a bit longer for the cameras to cut to the news anchor, but all he said was:Ryan: "That was kind of strange, you trying to stuff words in peoples mouth."Interviewer: "Well I don't know if it was strange."Ryan: "You're trying to answer the question for me and thats a little odd." (At the end here it gets hard to hear and I am not sure why they did not cut the feed...
It is not possible to do this as it would reflect poorly on those that have to be responsible for the actual numbers that were found. Not just Obama, but all those in power currently...
How does one answer this thread... You have BR saying if one doesn't pay for birth control for others to prevent life they are not pro life but instead are "anti-sex religious nutbags". I sense a false dilemma...
For those that speak of Apples "meager collection" of patents. Can you please describe for us the number of patents they are currently holding that they are asking for FRAND terms on? Then also describe for us the number of Patents that Samsung holds and are asking to be paid for. It would be helpful to put a number around what meager is.
New Posts  All Forums: