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Seeing as how Apple doesn't use either the graphics *or* wireless chips from Intel in the MBP, maybe they can get Intel to send a shipment of the rest of Montevina their way in time for a late June release? One can dream...
Alright, AN is back. Thanks for letting us stay for a few days, guys!
Brad & Co appear to be making progress. vBulletin is back up, at least. And, of course, Sniper's Serenity.
I'm still getting the generic error. \edit: I suppose I should have mentioned that I'm Ryan over at AN, for those who weren't around when I was going by this handle.
Drew, since it's a nameserver issue, would we be able to get access with the IP?
Yeah, I decided to take a look over here as well, with the 404 I'm getting over at AN. I guess no one has any answers yet. \
That's the day I was born.
I read a few blogs: http://sethf.com/infothought/blog/ http://www.lessig.org/blog/ http://www.nyu.edu/classes/siva/ http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/ among others. I also have my own blog: http://ihaveatheory.blogspot.com
I have a Gmail beta account, and the ads really aren't that bad. I didn't notice them until I remembered why I was skeptical, and even then it took me a second to find them.
This is making me have second thoughts about getting a Powerbook. Monitor the DynamicDNS address, though. A friend of mine had his laptop stolen, and the theif booted it up at his house and he was able to call up the ISP and nail the asshole.
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