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My first car will most likely be a Plymouth Breeze (1999), becaues I can get one cheap from a friend who is moving to collage that year. But what I'd really like a 1967 Mustang convertible, cherry red.
I'm looking at buying a new laptop, and I'm wondering if anyone here has had any expeirences with buying refurbished. The prices look very good, and I can get a lot more computer for a lot less price.
Probably 1/2-1 hour, but I don't post very often.
I'm pretty sure that iMovie doesn't work with digital cameras. I think it has to be a firewire connection.
I agree. People here on AI have had much better ideas than Apple's PR department has in the past 8 years. And they don't even get paid.
The name for my band's site came from the city we're in. Benicia Band, because currently all the content is for the Middle School half, but I'm moving up to high school next year, and so I changed the name. We're even marching in the Rose Parade next year(second time), and played in Disneyland this year.
Even in middle school(soon to be high school), I don't know anyone who still uses Hotmail. They've all switched to Yahoo for mail and AIM for IM.
Keep in mind that people are more likely to buy a new computer to run Longhorn than to run OSX. Unless PC's suddenly become more expensive, and I mean by a lot, than Mac's.
Don't waste your time with Sprint. They have horrible customer service. I got my cell phone from them and they gave me a number that someone else already had. That, and I pay close to $100 a month, and have no idea how the bill got that high! The guy at Radioshack, though I take everything I hear at retail stores with a grain of salt, said it would be $30/month. I don't even use long distance, and only place ~100 minutes a month of calls, with a 500minute/month...
It should be pretty obvious what Mac I own.
New Posts  All Forums: