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I don't know the physics of the stock market, like most people, but rest assured that Microsoft is still worth waaaaaaaaaay more than Apple, in terms of money, anyways.
I bought VPC5 a few years ago, and never was emailed my registration key, and they refused to give it to me(bastards). I have VPC4, and am not impressed. You're probably better off getting a cheap Wal-mart PC, putting Windows 98 on it, and using VNC to access it.
How Could I? - Oleander 242 times 5:13 in length
Its possible that those loops aren't used by just Apple. But I really have no idea.
Thanks guys, I think I'll go with the i960 for photos and keep my old printer for text.
I'm in there, but under the name Ryan Tanner or ryantann@mac.com, not sure which one you'll see.
I agree. If Apple shipped the base eMac with 256 megs of RAM, very few people would ever have to open it up. Unfortunately, that was one of the first things I did when I bought it, because it really is unusable with that much RAM.
I just bought a Canon Powershot S50 camera(up from an Olympus C-3030 Zoom), and now I'd like to upgrade my printer. Right now I have a Epson Stylus Color 880 and an HP Deskjet 5550. Most pictures I take are of water scenes, mainly the Pacific Northwest and lakes in Oregon and Washington. So far I've been looking at the Canon i960, but I'm wondering what else I should consider.
I found this image at http://sxc.hu
My uptime would probably be in the 20 day range, but the rest of the people in my family always shut down my computer when they use it, so I'm only at about 5 days.
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