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Posts by CubeDude (It's a static IP) The Mars rovers sparked my interest in some sort of space theme.
I always get those tiny spiders crawling around under the clear plastic on my G4 Cube. Then the crawl inside and I always figured they got roasted. Fortunately theres never been the Roasted Ant smell permeating out of my computer.
Don't be that way - Side Street Strutters They're the jazz band that plays in the New Orleans section of Disneyland. The band I'm in performed there on Sunday and I bought they're CD.
When I joined I could probably have gotten youngest member, but a few years have passed now. I joined when I was 11.
What are the chances of that happening?
I get no spam on my .Mac email address, except for various newsletters that I signed up for years ago and am too lazy to unsubscribe to. OTOH, email address that I get from my ISP offers SpamAssassin and Graymail(Thank you Sonic.net!), so I see none on that account. There is one feature I would like to see added to Mail.app. I'd love to see a rule where I can set some emails to load images and some to not. For example I get a few newsletters that use images, and I...
That doesn't mean you have to use Quicktime. You can use any format that's playable on a Mac. Same with all the other software, even the Finder.
Why didn't you just pick up a KVM?
From what I've seen when I'm there, its called "POS". That's all I know.
Sprint's service isn't bad, and I've heard good things about T-Mobiles. I get decent speeds on my Sprint phone(dialup), and I think that their computer service is supposed be around ISDN speeds.
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