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Right now I only have 1.5/256, but I'm looking at Sonic.net's 6000/608 package with 8(!) static IP's for $45/mo for the first year. I'm just glad I switched away from SBC.
Its Hollywood, what else is new?
That happened to me when I had to reformat my hard drive and forgot to backup my playlists(but I remembered the music files). Tell him to go into his iTMS accound and search for something about music you've already downloaded.
The prices'll all be within $5 of each other. All you might find is a free RAM offer, in which case they charge a $40 installation fee.
Sometimes I listen to it when I can't find anything in my music library. Mostly I listen to the jazz stations just for a change.
Road trip advice: NEVER EVER go of the main road. I tried that once. I was on my way to Tahoe, and stopped in a small family-owned place in Dixon. Maybe 10 tables, two waiters. We ordered basic turkey or BLT sandwhiches, because we wanted to keep going, but don't trust fast food. Anyways, we place our order and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And then we wait some more. And then we leave. Sure, we each had a soda, but we payed them in the time...
I'm not sure, as I don't have one, but I think that in TiVo's case the subscription is only for their "Season Pass" features. edit: This thread sparked my intersest and I did some searching, and came up with this: http://www2.enights.net:5505/htpc.html Might not be exactly what you want.
All Mac haters I know are all total jackasses. Why would Apple want to deal with them.
You could try enabling the Debug menu in Safari, and setting the User Agent to IE6. OmniWeb lets you do this from the preference panes.
You could write an AppleScript to do it for you.
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