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I've got about 60 gigs of 140 left. Firewire 120GB + Internal 20GB
I think Brad made the smilies himself.
Wells Fargo works fine here.
Hell. No.
http://www.appleturns.com/#1 That's hilarious. It does make me wonder why Apple posted those songs.
FTP server VNC server TextEdit SubEthaEdit iChat iTunes burning CD Safari, with 4 tabs Folding@Home I'm using a 450Mhz G4 Cube, 384 megs.
http://cdbaby.net puts your music on iTMS, IIRC.
I'd add SubEthaEdit(hate that name) for its collaboration features.
OSX is a great server. I have FTP and VNC running on my G4 Cube all the time, without noticing any performance issues.
Do an Archive and Install of OSX. It'll preserve your Home folder and network settings, but erase the System folder.
New Posts  All Forums: