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I set the display to sleep, but I leave the rest of the computer running, because I serve FTP and VNC from my computer.
Even if it doesn't work, you can just stick the memory card into a USB or FW reader.
I'm in the Bay Area, and I'm still in shorts and t-shirts.
320 AAC. Nuff' said.
Chalk up another vote for SubEthaEdit, though I have problems with the web preview window not displaying CSS correctly. OmniWeb is worth a mention though, if you also use it as a browser.
With 802.11g(AE) at 54mbps, and HDTV at 19.6mbps, I'm sure it could handle anything coming from a camcorder.
I think some of the Blogger applications will do that for you.
I installed Yellow Dog a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason, it didn't install a C compiler! Most likely an error on my part(I'm notorious for that).
And now its gone.
New Posts  All Forums: