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I mean...so it doesn't say "track 1, track 2" ect. I cant figure this out.
I installed vista a while ago then uninstalled it. ever since I uninstalled it my mac wont boot unless I hold alt and choose "mac HD" I uninstalled boot camp and I still have this problem. If i don't hold alt, I get to this screen of jumbled data that says "no bootable partition insert disk" which is clearly the system thinking im trying to boot windows but finding now windows partition (because I deleted it). How can I fix this? its a huge hassle. sometimes I need to try...
ok, so i have a technologies quick cam, and it works fine in osx with macam but with it doesn't work after using the install cd that comes with it in the box in windows vista x64....go figure. uninstall and re-install and still nothing. oh well.
my xp partition is too small to put windows vista on. is there any way i can expand it or write a new one? what should i do?
thats not one of the options, its ms-dos, mac journaled, mad extended etc
for example....copy my media library in osx to my external, and then access that with read/write ability in windows
wow thats a really use full answer....thanks so much for answering my question. could someone explain to me how do to this? im not sure which format to make my external etc. I want to read it in windows so i cant format it to the mac format, but if i do that i cant write to it so i dont know what to do.
I want to be able to copy all my media from my mac hard drive to my external so that when i run boot camp I can access all of my media on my external and play it in windows. Is this possible?
*can not believe he has not been flamed by fanboy yet*
did someone gain remote control of my mac? the mouse is moving by itself...only sometimes.
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