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no, im saying the files were originally on my mac and not working, and then transfered to my pc and magically worked. I tunes is sloppy.
nobody has anything to say?...this is a first
why does i tunes play 10 seconds of a perfectly good mp3 and then freeze and skip to the next song? I know these mp3's are perfectly fine because after putting them on my flash drive they played on my windows pc in winamp flawlessly. I have this problem with a ton of my music. why is itunes doing this?
the thing is i could have sword reading "all new macs get a free leopard upgrade when its released" back in September when i bought my computer. I guess i was wrong.
well im a student and I dont have the money to buy it.
I didn't....I think its ridiculous that i spent 3000$ on a mac pro and now I need to pay more for leopard ( not that what i think matters haha )...i guess ill find some "other" way of acquiring it.
im pretty sure I remember reading that what it was free if you recently bought a mac. I got my mac a little over a month ago but im not quite sure what I have to do to acquire leopard when it comes out.
I installed windows xp sp2 corp in paralelles but I cant get it to install in bootcamp. It locks up during the install at "33 minutes remaining". whats up with this?
toast cant read magic iso files....i got it to work by opening the file with magiciso and saving it as a diff format, then burning it with toast
hey, I have a magicISO file that I need to burn to a cd. since i only have a mac I cant open it. I used crossover to install magic iso and it works fine, but it doesn't recognize the cd drive of my computer. Is this a feature crossover lacks (hardware recognition). Is there anyway I might be able to get this to work? I really need to burn that cd.
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