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every exe i try to run with crossover works except for these keygens that i need. actually....ive tried like 6 diff keygens and they all wont open....every other exe will open. this is very strange. I dont get it. Ive tried opening them and installing them under different bottles and nothing works.
yeah but now even when i close it on my main monitor it opens on the second. I think its a bug.
Ive got a mac pro so i would need something thats 64 bit compatible. I used ubuntu on my windows rig but i dont think its compatible with macs. What can I use?
It never used to do this and now all of the time when it launches it goes to my 2nd monitor. Its not a big deal but its damn annoying. Is there anyway to fix this.
apples service stunk for me too. Thats what happens when theres a monopoly on hardware.
or maybe theres this thing called advancing technology and that ati card is over a year old.
too slow for something like crysis
lame :[
I was wondering if i could link two 1900 XT's using crossfire like on a pc.
yeah I actually got it to work, what happened was there are two seprate volume controls for the rear and front ports and for some reason the rear one was on half volume. I dont know why no sound would come out of my speakers since they were turned all the way up and the jack was set to half volume. whatever I turned it up all the way and now it works. weird.
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