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but my speakers work when i plug them into the heaphone jack in the front of the computer....i dont see why two computers would have this same problem....it seems really weird
didnt work. thoses fixes are really outdated. I have a 2nd G nano.
the audio jack on the rear panel of my mac pro wont work. I find this really weird because I had the same problem before I returned it and I thought it was a problem with the computer ( actually a guy at the genius bar said it was the audio card that was broken) so now that ive had the same problem on two brand new mac pros directly from apple i think its something else. Anybody Have any ideas on how I could get it to work?
whenever I try to format my ipod from windows to work on my mac it freezes i tunes and gives me a loading icon that lasts forever ( it lasted over 12 hours because I left it on overnight once). Is there any other method I can use to get new songs on my ipod?
the system specs dont really tell you anything
hey, so i finally took my mac pro to the apple store and its broken ( haha to all of you who flamed me for being a troll). the guy at the genius bar told me the video card was fried and so was the sound chip. So im returning it and apple shipped me a free 250 gig g-drive so I could back up my data. Problem is I really dont know how to create a bootable disk image as ive never used any sort of external device before (let alone on a mac) does anyone know where I can find...
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can you do it in Itunes....I cant seem to find any plugin.
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