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I have a lot of wma and dont want to convert it.
hot corner? I guess ill use the screensaver....but hotcorner?
how do i get rid of dead files( I have two of every file in my library and each duplicate doesn't work....its really obnoxious. I know winamp has a "remove all dead files" feature. Does I tunes have anything like that?
I know on windows when you hit command+L you can get programs to stay running ( like music ) I wanted to know If that was possible. ( so, for example, at a party I could set a play list without worrying about people messing with it or going around on my computer). thanks.
I posted before about my mac pro freezing. Ive determined that it wasn't freezing, but it was loosing video. when it freezes I can still use the volume keys to raise and lower volume and I can hear the game music of the game I was playing continue to play. I guess I have a faulty video card? I'm going to update the drivers and see if it happens again. edit: problem...the only drivers I can find are for the G5? http://ati.amd.com/support/drivers/m...G5Updater.html
you know you can disable that...
I just bought these, Im gonna set em up tomorrow. Ill tell you how they fare.
Im not lying....this is really stressful because Im leaving for school tomorrow and I feel like the mac store is gonna keep my stuff overnight....aghhhh. I dont know whats up though...ill go away from my computer and come back an hour later and move the mouse and it wont come out from monitor sleep. ( no the system doesn't go into standby i disabled that). I also ran the disk check utility and it said everything was ok.
easier said than done, I already transfered a ton data from my windows pc ( which was no easy task because the mac networking options failed to work) and downloaded a ton of software ( about 20 gigs worth). Id rather find out whats wrong and fix that instead of replacing the whole thing.
He didn't. He got it replaced, and for free.
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