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I could have sworn I posted it there. I dont really want to go to the apple store, my dad took his macbook in last week and they stole 1 gig of ram and replaced his processor with a slower one.
thanks, maybe ill check then out. I used to have EV speakers for my pc and they sounded PHENOMENAL. I got them on discount for $60 from somewhere around $200 because they had faulty wires....and within 2 years the wires went...so I threw em out...but yeah thanks.
I think ive narrowed down the cause of all my crashes to overheating...The problem is i don't understand why im overheating, im running my computer in a cool room with plenty of ventilation, I havnt over clocked. don't get whats up/ I was just sitting on my computer before and all of a sudden my monitor gets a "no signal" this has happened about 20 times since i got the computer 3 days ago. I just installed a temp monitor widget so im gonna monitor it and see what...
hey, I dont know much about pc speakers nowadays because ive always been running my sound through my stereo receiver and speakers but theres no way im lugging them around to my college dorm. So, im a pretty big audiophile, and I want nice speakers, but not CRAZY expensive. Obviously the kid would need to include a sub and whatnot. So any suggestions? I was gonna newegg but I leave in 2 days so im just gonna go check staples or best buy or something.
basically, i started firefox, and my homepage was a porn site ( I havnt even started watching porn on my mac yet and i get a porn hijack) It was a window that had no adress bar so i just closed it, and restarted firefox.
*has no external drives*
hmmmm....here I go... -No plugin architecture. What was Apple thinking? -iTunes constantly obliterates library and play list settings when you re-add files to your library. -iTunes does not allow you to reorder its leftmost column heading. Why the hell not? I would like the artist column to be first instead of the intractable song title column. -iTunes does not come with support for 3rd party plug-in encoders such as OGG, etc. Particularly saddening is the lack of support...
hahaha I have 100 gigs of music dvd-r's....yeah right
hmmm maybe pm me if you know, I would appreciate some help, I figured I wouldn't be allowed to talk about it here.
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