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Im actually not lying or making anything up...Im calling apple tomorrow because My computer keeps freezing. A mac is like any other piece of hardware. Hardware does occasionally have faults. (I think I have a hardware problem) and im sure my browser hijack was just bad luck. I just think its kind of funny and ironic. And no, Im not a troll, thanks for insulting me though, it just shows how much of an ignorant mac fanboy you are. :] also somebody told me that warcraft 3 was...
actually I cant boot in windows because I never buy microsoft software and I cant figure out how to get cracked windows vista working with bootcamp (ive been looking for faqs) the game i was playing was warcraft 3...ive got a x1900gt with 4 gb ram. but yeah I couldnt force quit either. Its really strange...my browser...firefox.
eh....ubuntu is still my fav
I got my 3500$ mac pro 2 days ago....and ive been hit with nothing but trouble. Im getting pop ups and browser hijackings and the only websites ive gone on are google, this, and ign. Ive never once had any pop up problems on my pc. ever. and I dint even use a firewall. My computer also will freeze and go to a black screen whenever I play a game and say no signal. there seems to be no way to get out of this besides powering down and restarting. 2 days and im already getting...
I tunes is horrendus...I would have flashed my firmware already and installed rockbox if i didnt have a 2nd gen nano. I tunes isint good as a media player or a synch program. I have 80 gigs of music and a 4g nano, So basic synching isint my thing. and working with i tunes to do other things I find to be obnoxious.
does anyone know if anyone has yet installed a cracked xp or vista on a boot camp setup? im just curious...
yeah, So this weird thing happened where it asks me for my administrator password....well i type in my windows admin user name/pass combo and nothing happens.....then i type in my mac pass combo and nothing happens....i typed in like 20 pass combos....whats up with this...?? no i didnt have caps lock on.
Ive got a mac pro, so i think even if it runs slow it will run fast on my computer....I cant use boot camp because I don't have "real" windows (and I cant figure out how to get it workin that way). anyway....it seems ive lost my frozen throne disk( but not the cd key!! wohoo) so ill have to torrent it anyway.
I dont know how to do that....the most ive done with ip adresses is basic port forwarding. My pc picks up my mac but my mac doesnt pick up my pc. -___-
I just got my new ipod and for windows I always used poddox as an alternative....but I dont know what mac programs there are (as im new) any ideas?
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