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You don't have to open the mini player at all. Once the music starts playing just click once on the small picture at the top left of the title/progress box to get the album art player.
There is still a volume control on the new mini-player along with the tiny picture. You can also enlarge the tiny pic and there's a second volume control on the bigger picture.                                 
No time at all in either view; I just click and drag the scroll bar until I reach the letter I want.
I was being completely sincere. The Album covers in list view were sufficient for me to use as aide-memoir and I always had the artwork in the bottom left corner hidden as I saw no use for it, so yes, I was intrigued to know how others used it. Now that the artwork is no longer in list view I'll probably use Artist view when I'm browsing and Songs when I'm searching. Since I asked the question on here I have discovered that there is a large number of people bemoaning the...
I'm intrigued. What did "many-many people" use the artwork preview on the bottom left for?
Well you can't really get more uncluttered than a screen sized view of just the album cover
I don't know why you would want to do that. They are so unobtrusive and take up so little space I have them on all the time.
You are missing something. Just click on the little album cover to the left of the progress bar at the top of the screen and the album artwork will appear to resize as you wish. In playlists this will change with each song. The only downside is that this large view is showing just how poor some of my downloaded artwork is.  
 Then just turn the scroll bars back on in System Preferences.
Did you try a double click? Double tapping my trackpad shows the song list and starts playing it. Another tap hides the songlist but keeps the music playing.
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