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Yes, this is happening to me too with my 4th generation iPod Touch, however, I just switched on my 2009 iPod Touch, which I rarely use, and rather strangely it is working perfectly normally that one.  To work around the problem, after tapping the ai logo, slide the full site screen to the left and tap the 'View Mobile Site' link at the top centre of the page.
Mine is working correctly again today. 
I apologise if I started a duplicate thread, but I could find no mention of it when I posted. I was putting out feelers as I thought it was just me and something I had done with my iPod.
I started having a problem yesterday accessing AI on my iPod Touch. I can see the list of News stories as usual but when I tap one to open it, it goes to a blank page. I can open them if I go to the full site but not on iphone.appleinsider.com.
ML appears to have duplicated all of my groups in Contacts :(
Just click on the  'Purchases' icon at the top of the App Store. Mine is currently showing 1.52 GB of 4.34 Gb - 2 hours 4 minutes
I'm so happy that the rumours were, again, wrong and the iPod Classic will, for the time being, live on. I've used one every day for the past 10 years and as far as I'm concerned they can't be beaten. The iCloud + 64gb is all well and good for the casual listener with a small music collection, but for music fans with large music collections the Classic is the only sure way to have your entire iTunes collection with you at all times.
I am pleased to say that with the exception of libraries, none of those are available on the Greek Islands, Scottish Islands, rural Wales, or any of the other remote places I spend my holidays, which is why the iPod Classic is such a boon. One Greek Island I regularly visit did once open a McDonald's, but thankfully good taste prevailed, nobody used it, and it soon closed down
Yes, I understand that, but if I don't have wifi and the album I want to hear is not one that has been synced, them I'm stuffed. And where does partial syncing leave the brilliant Genius Playlists?I, and my friends with equally large music collections, all have iPod Classics and can play whatever we want already. We also don't have either iPhones or Android phones, but basic phones that we hardly ever use
Apple Store UK, iPod Classic £198; iPhone 4 £428 - £6121) I've not questioned the quality of the downloads, more the sound quality of the iPod Touch vs the iPod Classic with EQ. 2) I'm not getting this at all. If my 15,000 songs won't fit on an iPod Touch now, how will they do so by downloading them using iTunes Match ? If it can't do that I don't see how it will be possible to listen to any of my songs stored in the 'Cloud' without a Wi-fi connection.I don't know what...
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