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I don't understand your point. I don't need to change the EQ for each song, I just use one of the Classic's EQ presets to control the sound when playing it through media other than my earbuds.
It depends on the speakers one has access to. With my Etymotic earbuds I keep the EQ on Flat, but playing the iPod through a diminutive XMini or a TV in a Greek holiday studio it is much better to have the EQ controls afforded by the Classic
Yes, the sound from my iPod touch is quite good; just not as good as that from my iPod Classic. And, unlike the Classic, the Touch does not have a graphic equaliser to adapt the sound to suit the speakers.
Oh right; thanks for that, I hadn't realised that it would upload those tracks. I have no objection to paying the $25; I've been paying more than that for years for mac.com/mobileme, it's just that I don't see the point in paying again for something I already have for free. For as long as is possible I'll stick to storing my music on the iPod Classic and listen to superior quality audio that is accesible even when Wi-fi isn't.
The high quality spectrum analyzer built into my inner ear is currently on the blink, but music on my iPod Classic still sounds superior to that on my iPod Touch.Lots of the music in my iTunes Library isn't available in the iTunes store so can't be 'Matched'; the library of music I would have access to would be an abridged version of that currently available on my iPod Classic. And I'd have to pay to listen to it. As I already said; no thanks
Have I got this right? iTunes Match means I pay Apple $24.99 a year for the privilege of listening to a poorer quality, abridged version of my own iTunes library ‽ I'll pass on this one.
And they won't sound nearly as good
Why would I want to pay for a service that doesn't stock everything I want to hear?
Surprised it wasn't mentioned, but not annoyed; I find I get used to these changes in no time at all. I am however delighted that the scrolling bug has been fixed; that was something I didn't get used to and it drove me mad.
If you are then so am I; I just put a nickname in the first name box and an initial in the last name and it worked OK for me. Not sure how much I'll use it though, none of the artists I'm interested in following have signed up yet, but I'm sure that many of them soon will, they'd be silly not to really.
New Posts  All Forums: