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I am astonished at how many people pay so much for their TV content. I do pay for a TV Licence, but that's only £12 per month. I have a Freeview PVR to record for watching on the TV and Eyetv to record and play content on/via my iPod Touch. There is so much great free content available that I almost always have a backlog of shows to watch. I have only ever paid for a couple of missed shows from iTunes and can't imagine regularly paying 99p for individual TV shows.
Good idea, I'll take a look when the UK store is back up; thanks
Nobody was forcing you to buy one. I need the capacity of the Classic and have no problem with the click wheel
I'd better buy a spare before they're all gone.
As the new iMacs are 16:9 ratio the 27" is, at 20.4" high, not quite as tall as the old 24" (20.5") so if the 24" fits under your shelf then the 27" will too. Of course if you are restricted by width then that's a different story as the 27" is 3.2" wider.
The Lawyers details are in the link posted by 801 and their contact email address is info@scalaw.com I wonder if their reach extends to the UK if I send an email saying "Your iPad lawsuit is ridiculous and you and your clients in this pathetic attempt at extortion are a bunch of thieving parasites."
Swings & roundabouts; the trackpad is £1.32 more in the UK than it is in the Eurozone countries but the Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard are £1.68 cheaper here; none of these differences are exactly life changing
They hadn't updated the UK store. Wait to see what the prices are when the store returns.
The UK store has just closed for updating. It will be iteresting to see what prices they come back with. I use a Classic to store my music so if a 64gb is not forthcoming I may just buy a cheaper 'older' model for video/photos/internet.
How is anybody being overcharged? This is not a food, water, heating or housing; it is a desirable, luxury product and, just like any other luxury product, it is not necessary to own one to live a happy, healthy life. If anybody thinks that the iPhone is overpriced they have the option of not buying one
New Posts  All Forums: