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I don't know why iTunes doesn't have a 'Get Lyrics' feature in the same way as 'Get Album Artwork'. My iMac has been using iTunesLyricsLocator to add the lyrics to my entire iTunes library for the last hour, so I'm still waiting to find out how comprehensive and accurate it has been.
Well there were 105,000 albums released in the US in 2008; four times as many as in 2000, so using your formulation that makes 10,500 or around 200 per week 'good' and worth buying and taking the time to listen to as 'albums' Here in the UK we weed out most of the crap and only release 30,000
Jeez, enough with all the whinging and griping, music lovers these days don't know they're born. Music has never been cheaper to buy than it is today and these D45s actually cost less than they did 30 years ago. In real terms their cost today is negligible; a far cry back in the 70s when you had to save up to buy music or had to forgo a Saturday night out in order to buy a couple of 45s. You can buy a couple of these for less than the price of pint, or you could...
The reload button is theāŸ³ on the right of the URL bar as it was in the beta version and the 'stop' is in the same position but is now anywhere on the 'loading...' button that appears when a page is loading.
If you can remember what the page looks like then you can presumably remember some of the content and simply type in a few search words. For example; to find and reply to your post I just typed in 'zandros blue gray' and it found the 2 pages in my history where those words appear.
The refresh arrow changes to a spinner when refreshing or loading a page; click this spinner to stop the page loading.
Legal challenges are already being prepared, I think they are just waiting for the remaining 2 million votes to be counted. What you say about 'the will of the people' is also correct. It goes without saying that we wouldn't be seeing the election of a black American today had the civil rights battles of the 1960s been decided by public referenda. According to exit polls, age was a key factor, with the exit polls showing voters under 30 opposing the ban by a 2-to-1 ratio,...
Hmm, nearly 70, that explains a lot. It must be very difficult for you to accept all the changes in society since WW2. Civil rights for black Americans, the legalisation of interracial marriage, abortion, homosexuality, and civil partnerships. It's a lot to take in, as, judging by your comments on here, you would have opposed a fair few, if not all, of these changes. Proposition 8 may well pass on Tuesday, but one day soon it will be overturned and will be added to the...
\ You can't use the word 'Scientist' and then post a link to a self serving, pseudo scientific, discredited organisation.http://thewildreed.blogspot.com/2008...ing-narth.html A far more scientific and unbiased report can be found here:http://www.livescience.com/health/08...sexuality.html The fact is neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality is a choice; If it were why would anyone choose the far more difficult option of being gay? And why does the prevalence of...
Ahh! Now we see your true colours. All your talk about the constitution, the meaning of marriage and the will of the majority was simply a smokescreen for your bigotry and homophobia. I should have realised this when your only response to my analogy with the 'minority' Civil Rights Movement was to put your fingers in your ears.
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